Arrival day of hopping

We have an arrival at Pop planned in January, noon or a little after on arrival day. (Hoping for earlier)
I was thinking walk thru Disney Springs to see the trees before they are put away and maybe go to WoD store. Then I got to thinking….resort/lounge hop?
Is this plan feasible?
Arrive at Pop
Pop bus to DS
DS bus to MK
MK walk to Contemporary
Contemporary monorail to Poly
Poly walk to GF
GF monorail to MK
MK bus to Beach Club
Beach Club to Skyliner
Skyliner to Pop


There are no buses from DS to parks. You’ll need to take a bus to the nearest resort to go to MK.

The construction of the new DVC section at Poly could close that section of walkway. But you can always take the monorail from Poly to GF.

I forgot about the new construction that will be starting. Thanks!

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Ohhhhh, I have never been to DS, so this part I did not know. Thank you!

In place of the DS to MK leg, do DS to Wilderness Lodge bus, check out the WL lobby and then you can boat from WL to MK which is a very pleasant boat ride - if the boat from WL to Contemporary is open by then that’s another option. Or if speed is of the essence bus DS to Contemporary (or really any of the monorail resorts based on first bus to DS) and walk/monorail/boat to MK.

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WL is a great idea! I have never been there, and would love to take a peek. Thanks!!

Ditto this idea. For me, personally, the WL lobby is probably the single most impressive resort lobby, at least at Christmas time.


What time do buses start running from DS to resorts?

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Disney advertises that buses run during DS operating hours to an hour after close. Right now the DS operating hours appear to be 10AM-11PM most days and 10AM-11:30 on Friday/Saturday. I presume the operating hours vary based on time of year though.