Arrival day lunch reservation question

I’m trying to decide/figure out which reservation to keep for lunch. We arrive at MCO from Chicago at 930. I know the magical express takes about 2 hours right? We are staying at AK lodge so do u think we can make it to HS for a 1230 lunch reservation or should I keep the one I made for 2pm instead

Just to be on the safe side, keep the one for 2 pm instead. There is no margin of error for the 12:30 ADR. Planes can be late arriving, traffic can take longer to get you to AKL, and if you are taking a bus to HS, that could be more time.

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I might book a FP that the window starts at 12:30 but I would never book an ADR that close. What happens if your room is ready? I think there are so many things that will add time.

2pm reservation every time

Play it safe

Even that might not be possible with delays etc

Definitely go with the 2:00 (personally I wouldn’t make an ADR before dinner if flying). Flight delays, sadly, are the norm vice the exception these days; they are always frustrating and stressful, but if you see your ADR time slip by it just adds to the mix and starts the whole trip off on a down note.

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I would add that if it looks like you aren’t going to make it to your ADR in time (on the day), try reschedule a couple of weeks out before cancelling. That way you won’t get charged. Or try to reschedule later in the day if possible.