Arrival Day COVID style

We are arriving midday, will check in, explore resort, and swim and then we would like to kick off our vacation with a fun dinner. Kids 9-11 range. In trips past, we’ve gone to a character meal, dinner at Epcot, watched fireworks from resort, or gone Disney Springs. Since character dinners are not really a thing and it sounds like DS is packed to the gills on weekend nights, what should we do? We are RDing the next morning so an early night is important since we will have gotten up for our flight at stupid early o’clock.

Sounds exactly like our first day! What resort are you staying at? We are staying at CSR for the first time so we want to just “be there and not go anywhere” so we will likely eat at three bridges and enjoy the atmosphere, relax before the busy week ahead. Do you have options at your resort?

Do your kids like mini-golf? That might be a nice activity. Catch some dinner before or after at one of the resorts nearby.

There are usually activities at the resorts. Maybe catch a movie or something. Check out a resort you’ve never been to or one with something unique like Animal Kingdom Lodge. Have dinner and watch the animals.

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I’m having this thought process too right now. I would have loved the mini golf idea as a kid. That would be really fun!

For me, it’s just me and a fellow friend. So I’m hoping to still travel between the monorail resorts to enjoy the lounges, but with no HEA, I’m thinking of changing it up.

I like the mini golf idea too

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We are at CBR. So no dining options, although we could walk over to riviera.

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Good ideas–will definitely look at mini golf and resort activities. I had assumed there wouldn’t be any resort activities going on b/c of COVID.