Arrival at T T C for 8 rope drop non- EMH

Although my husband and I have both been to Disney many times before but this year is our first family trip. We are staying off site and looking at MK and AK opening at 8 am (during the crazies of the last week of March-first April) What time do we need to arrive in parking to be ready for rope drop at both parks with a 3 and 7 yr. old in tow? Thinking maybe trying for 7DMT but not FOP.

I have not been to AK since Pandora opened, but when we have been to MK during spring break, we left for TTC about 1.5 hours before park open & we were in the very front of the crowd.

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MK is fine for 60 minutes or so on a non-EMH. With AK however, I would BE at the park 90 minutes early at the minimum, even on a non-EMH day, so leave 2 hours early.

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Is that 90 minutes even if we aren’t planning on heading directly to Pandora? I would have liked to see FOP but I don’t feel like dragging the kids through the masses, especially when our 3 year old can’t even ride, so will likely head to the safari first. I think we will spend a fair amount of time in “Dino world” as well.

Yea, if you’re not going directly to Pandora then you probably can just get there like 30 minutes before rope drop and walk on any non-Pandora ride.


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Do you know how early we could get entry to the park with an ADR at 8:15? The park opens at 8 on that day, but I was wondering if we could jump on the safari before we eat. Think that might be possible?

Thanks again!

We had an ADR for around 9:35 and ended up quite late for it doing the Safari prior. Touring Plans lists the ride itself at 20 minutes (and if anything that’s low) plus the queue time and walk back to Tusker. 8:45 to 9 would be a much better ADR time if you definitely want to ride just prior.

We were at least 15 minutes late - got in fine, but had to wait a little, FWIW…