Arrival at MCO

Does anyone have advice on how long it takes to get from landing at the airport to Disney? We are not taking Disney transportation as we are renting a car. I would really like to go to Ohana that day but I want to make sure we’ll make it in time. Our plane lands at 7:50am and our reservations are for 11:45am. Do you think we will make it?

I’d have to say you will be fine with that reservation time as long as your flight is on time. It takes around an hour roughly to get from the airport to Disney World depending on traffic.

We always figure between 3 - 4 hours from touchdown to arrival at a park.

You should be ok assuming things are somewhat on time. Assume 1 hour for luggage, 30 minutes for car, 1 hour travel. You would have plenty of time

I agree, you’ll be fine with that reservation.

You didn’t mention where you are staying. Onsite? Offsite?

We are staying at SoG, across from the Polynesian.

We always estimate 2hrs from landing to arrival at resort. Depending where you are staying, you may need to add another hour to get to Poly for your reservation. Given that, it appears you still have a 1hr cushion. Provided your flight is on time, you should be okay.

I am not familiar with the transit time from SoG to Poly but if you’re landing by 8 am you should be absolutely fine making an 11:45 res I would think.
We have never used Magical Express, always have a private car transport waiting for us. Once we get bags and leave MCO, we are usually at WL within 30 minutes.

You’ll be fine. Plenty of time. You can walk from SoG to the Poly. Feel free to drive over too, of course.

Thank you, everyone! You have eased my mind so Ohana it is!

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