Arrival at MCO at 9:30 am--what time at the parks?

Hi - my family will be arriving at MCO by 9:30 am. We’re doing carry-ons and we rented a park. We’re staying at the Royal Pacific and as soon as we drop off our luggage, we want to go to park. Realistically (since I don’t know how long it takes from arrival to MCO to getting to the hotel), when should I be at the parks by? We want to go straight to see Harry Potter.

90 minutes is my average time from landing, getting my bags, getting a Lyft, riding to UOR hotel, check-in, drop off bags and then taking on-site transportation to the parks

If I land at Noon. I’m, typically, in a park around 1:30pm. (no hyperbole)

For a new visitor, I’d give yourself 2 hours. (I know my way around the hotels & travel solo. I don’t need to unpack a lot & prefer going right into the parks! I can unpack that night or the next day!! :innocent:)

I’d plan on being there before Noon. I’d plan on getting something to eat as my first stop!! You’ll be excited, but still need to eat to keep your energy!


@darkmite2 is right on target. Our general timeframe (no checked bags) is 1 hour from landing to hotel via Lyft. Then you’ll need time to get to the parks. RPR is about a 10 minute walk but sometimes check in takes a bit if there’s a line.