Armed Forces Salute Tickets 2023 update

Bought our Armed Forces military salute tickets yesterday from the nearby Army post.

Called the morale and welfare ticket office. Gave my name, phone, email and number of tickets needed. And payment info.

Email arrived a few minutes later with one “reservation” number.

In 2022 I received 4 numbers and plastic cards.

This year just the one. At the Disney website, I put in the reservation number and received two tickets to assign to names to from my friends and family list.

Seemed almost too easy. :thinking:

Thank you, Disney for continuing to support the military. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :sunglasses:

We still have to activate the tickets at guest services, so I’ll need my military ID.


So awesome :sunglasses:


We went to WDW in 2014, 15 and 19 all the while thinking it’s maybe our last chance because they might stop the salute. I’m thrilled they’re still doing it. The hotel discounts are also fantastic. Even if i couldn’t get my 1st choice hotel right away I called back later and eventually got it.


I bought tickets at the MWR office at Fort Sam Houston and they still gave us the plastic cards for each of us (2). I will call next time to not have to drive 3 hours to the post. Although, spending the weekend in San Antonio was not a bad trade off at all.


I was ready to drive to the post, maybe 45 minutes - depending on the farm implements on the road.

Very glad to do the email thing. I wonder if this post had no more plastic card inventory. :thinking:

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It’s possible they were out. They told us that we could call and they would FedEx us the cards next time. I would rather just get an email with the reservation number/s so I don’t have the anxiety of keeping up with the cards until we can get to guest services to get them activated.


I always copied front and back immediately and stowed that separately.

Losing them or forgetting them at home. Both were :face_with_spiral_eyes::dizzy_face::woozy_face:


I always order them from the SoG ticket office and have them FedEx them because those don’t need to be activated.


And thank YOU for your service. This is absolutely the least they can do to honor that


Thank you Disney - for less than 4 days 4 parks we got 5 days plus hopping plus water parks