Ariel's Grotto DLR ~~ Blue Bayou

We will be making our 2nd trip to DLR with my daughter 8 and mother 68.
We enjoyed Goofy’s last year, heard the Grotto was super special. Any recommendations ? Breakfast for princess autographs or Dinner for seating for show. Also heard the special show at Blue Bayou is a must do.
We will be there from Oct 14 checking out on the 20th. Halloween tickets for the 19th.
Looking forward to any advice, we are staying at Disneyland Hotel

When are you going? Paint the Night closes Sept. 5th, and Fantasmic! won’t reopen until sometime next year, so I expect that there won’t be “dinner and a show” packages at BB for a while after 9/5.

Are you talking about the Villains dinner they had last year? If so, it has not been announced yet whether it will return or not. A friend did it last year, and she loved it and will be booking it again if it is available.

As for Ariel’s. we like it for lunch. The food is pretty darn good for a theme park and the princesses are great. Breakfast gets good reviews as well. As for dinner, we prefer to get a blue FP for WOC and watch from the bridge that leads to Ariel’s.

Enjoy the DLH, it is my very favorite hotel!

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With the girls trip you have planned I echo the above to plan on Ariel’s Grotto! Breakfast has my favorite breakfast entree in all of DLR but its limited offering (usually only from 9-10am) conflicts with the best time to tour in the parks so we have only done it once. Lunch is fantastic as well though. Their crab chowder is amazing and my husband and I both love the lobster tail salad entree, but really we’ve tried several of their entrees and have never had a less than great food experience. Princesses have always, always, always been excellent here too.

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We will be there from October 14 checking out the 20

Thank you that’s good to remember. My daughter will be turning 8 last year she may have been overwhelmed with so much magic, because not too much interest in princesses. However, since our trip she’s been all about them, so were going back this year before she out grows them.
Is it correct the princesses aren’t there during dinner?

Yes the villains dinner, I’ve been stalking it having. My understand is you need Mickey Halloween Party Tickets, but miss most the festivities.
We do have Party Tickets and I’m stoked - if can’t do both I’ll be torn.

Boo, really want to do dinner at BB

Last year the Villains Dinner wasn’t officially announced until Sept. 9th (Mystical Spirits of the Blue Bayou: New Premium Dining Experience Coming to Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland Park), so there is still time for you to catch it before your trip in October.

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I’m thinking if Villains requires Party ticket still settle with just Dinner at BB off party night?

We’re going Oct 14- 20

Correct, no princesses during dinner.

I’m a 54 year old man, and I enjoy the princesses as much as my 7 yo (not in a creepy way). Here’s hoping that your daughter’s fascination with Disney princesses lasts her lifetime!