Are you signing up for RunDisney races?

The Princess half marathon pre-sale registration is just around the corner and I’m on the fence about registering. I haven’t tried running with a mask yet, but bought some new styles to give it a try.
Did you sign up for the WDW marathon?
What factors are you weighing into your decision to race or not?
Those of you that are doing Wine and Dine, have you received any information about how the race might change?

I am not, and I was strongly considering it before all this. The races are too expensive to have money tied up in a “maybe” event. Based on sales for marathon weekend, Disney seems to be selling far fewer bibs, a sign that they too anticipate that it will need to be modified. Most major marathons around the country as well as internationally are cancelling for this year.

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I was not going to sign up for Princess because I did it this year, but I still plan to register for Star Wars 2021 (which I was signed up for this year but which was cancelled in April :frowning:

I do not think races can or would require masks while running. Masks are not required for running in general even now while the pandemic is still bad. What they may do is require them at the start and finish, and reduce the number of runners to allow for less crowding in the corrals and such. Those are the conditions I’m assuming for April 2021, and I’m ok with them so I will sign up, although I won’t need to decide until July.

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I’m signed up for wine and dine but there has not been any communication from Disney regarding the status of the race. I’m still training like it’s happening but I would be really surprised if it goes off. I’d be ok with waiting in corrals with a mask but I know for myself, there is no way I can run a half in that humidity with a mask on.

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I signed up for the Dopey during Marathon Weekend in January 2021. My decision was more personal … have to get through a marathon before I am 50!

I would be disappointed if it gets cancelled, but most likely would still run it virtually at home … again for having to get through it before I’m 50.

I would love to get into the parks during the weekend, but I am not cancelling the runDisney weekend if they are not available to me. I would definitely be a little melon collie, but the whole race weekend vibe would more than make up for the lack of parks… might even be better so I am forced to rest between races instead of touring the parks.

I cant see them making you wear a mask when running. They may ask you to wear a mask on the bus to/from the race and in the corrals. I am sure they will also come up with a staggered start method that spaces the runners out.

I have heard they seriously limited the number of runners for the Marathon weekend. It made it extremely difficult to get a race bib and there were a high number of disappointed runners. The rumor is that they may release more bibs later in the year if circumstances change.


Damn talk to text! :joy::joy::joy:


I was thinking maybe you would just have to wear them at the start and finish…or any other ‘bottleneck’ areas…restrooms, etc.

I’m with you on that. The humidity is enough to deal with without something on my face.

I have to say, I would love if the corrals were a little less full, the bathroom lines a little less long. I never really had to worry about crowding on the course because I’m waaaayyy in the back, but those areas are rough.

Woo! An impressive goal, good luck!

This is an excellent point. I find it hard not to go to the parks and play all day and inevitably wear myself out.

My first race I never stopped for character photos because I was just barely ahead of the pickup vans the whole race, but I wondered if not having character photos would be a deterrent for some. I enjoy the scenery and taking everything in, so I don’t need those extras…but I wonder if some people count them as ‘part of the price’.

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I have seen the regs for Track Shack events (runDisney has often partnered with them) and seen speculation that rD’s May be very similar and that is what it calls for. Mask in the corrals, removed for the race and pocketed until the finish area where it has to go back on.

I don’t think the lower number of bibs indicates anything other than less people and therefore spreading the corrals out a bit more.

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Is some internet meme going over my head with that picture? :thinking:


Wow…I am slow today…must be the rain…Melon Collie…LOL :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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yes, which would be a good thing, not only because of corona


Welp, I finally got in at 10:25ET and all categories but the 5K were sold out for the Princess Half. I guess that makes my decision for me :wink:

Sorry to hear that :disappointed:

It is crazy how fast the bibs go… it is like you are fighting for a boarding group on RotR.

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I’ll set an alarm to check again when reg opens to the general public. I was a couple of minutes late getting in today.

The 5K went right after that it sounds like.

Definitely an indication that they are limiting bibs.

Princess is usually available for quite a while

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I’ve never registered for this one, so I wasn’t sure how fast it went…but it sure did seem quick, like there weren’t many spots.

Okay, entered ‘waiting room’ at 9:50 this morning, got to the reg page at 10:25am…Half and 5K were still available. By the time I finished my checkout at 10:30, the half was sold out and I couldn’t complete my registration. This race was not meant to be. :woman_shrugging:

So sorry to hear you didn’t get in.

Think positive thoughts and keep looking at the registration site. I suspect they will release more bibs if the COVID situation improves.

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