Are We Taking Too Much Stuff . . . . Yes, Yes We Are

Getting the stuff ready to load in the car. One of the downsides to driving is MAWTTIS (“Might As Well Throw THIS In Syndrome”).

The pile is getting ridiculous - clothing, sunscreen, swimming stuff, box of food for in room breakfast and lunch, a few, modest, comforts of home…

We are definitely taking too much stuff. But the Family Truckster can handle it so… ON WE GO TO WALLY WORLD!!!

***We will tip bell staff appropriately!


We always drive and we take a lot - all the kind of things that you listed. Why not? We have he room and if we don’t need it, then we just bring it back home. Really helpful for a Nov/Dec trip because you never know it will be 40 or 80…


You can always put some of it in a bag of “unlikely” stuff, and leave it in the car until you actually need it.

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I can actually see this as a plus… central FL weather can be weird in December…

Yay! It’s trip time! Have fun!

It’s only too much stuff if YOU are bothered by it. Nobody else gets to judge.


Is this your first time on the internet?



Ha! I’m stubborn. I think if I say it often enough, the Internet will change.


I’m taking the AutoTrain (so sort of driving) and have a choice between our sedan or minivan for the three of us (dh is staying home this trip).

I REALLY want the sedan to work out. It has a built in screen that interacts w/ my phone’s GPS and it will make navigating so much easier. It is also easier to park and more comfortable.

This means I must be judicious when we are packing and it all has to fit in the trunk of the Jetta.

Or, I can just give up now and pack everything including the kitchen sink and bring the van.


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Because I’m flying, I’m all about minimal packing. I only take carry-on. So I have to be very strict about what I take.

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What time should I be ready for you to pick me up? I’ll be waiting at the end of my driveway with my suitcase packed.


Wow. I can’t do a 3-day trip with just a carry-on. But I don’t have one of those things on wheels that’s the size of a kitchen appliance… :slight_smile:


Both you and your suitcase will need to fit in my suitcase.


I have been taking contortionist classes, so I’m, good!


We are flying…and I know we are STILL taking WAAAAYYYYY too much stuff…one large suitcase filled with room food was my first clue…had to take stuff out to get under 50…I am in trouble…


Same here - we take far too many clothes and flying from the Uk. This time flying with Norwegien Air so allowed 2 x 20 kilos each :+1:

What kind of stuff do you guys pack in your ‘Box of Resort Food’?? We are going in December for the first time and I need some good ideas. Plus we have the room, we are talking a 15 passenger van with only 7 people. It’s a loooong drive.

For those flying; Amazon,, and Amazon Pantry, deliver to your resort. The resort may add $5 per package, but a 24pak of water is cheaper than 1 bottle of Dasani at Disney.

If you use Amazon Prime Now for a Disney Resort, it will be delivered to Bell Services and you will not be charged a fee by Disney.

Cereal, snacks for taking to parks, coffee…and filters. Took a small Brita pitcher to avoid buying a lot of water, peanut butter.

We eat breakfast and lunch most days at the hotel. We had a small grocery run for fresh produce and dairy, but brought most of the rest.