Are Water Parks considered 'relaxing' :)


Are the water parks considered an extremely busy day? While trying to do my tour plans for a 10 night stay, I am wondering where to fit it all in.

We have park hopper + water park tickets. Will be at WDW 26 Sept - 6…
Having looked at both parks, it would be nice to make time to visit both of them.

I was hoping to use them as a little bit of relaxation… or is is going to be just as hectic as dealing with the theme parks :smile:

Depends on what kind of person you are and what kind of kids you have with you. We find water parks busy but unscheduled. At the parks, there’s a lot of walking, but also a lot of sitting on rides (think CoP). At water parks, there’s walking and swimming, and floating in a tube on the lazy river, and climbing stairs to the top of the waterslide, and then sliding down the waterslide. You can make it a lazy lie-in-the-sun-and-float-in-the-wave-pool kind of day, or you can go non-stop.

Not relaxing especially if you have kids. I found it more stressful with 10/7 year olds than MK on a 10 day. W/o kids it could be really relaxing but there are queues for rides uo to 45 mins at peak

I find them utterly exhausting. There’s a lot of climbing up stairs and waiting in the hot sun. I wouldn’t skip them but I don’t make any plans for the evening because I’m too tired.

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We only go for about an hour at a time, during value season. In January we were the only people there besides maybe 10 others.

We were still pretty whooped that night though. Water fun is a lot of exercise! I wouldn’t call it relaxing though. Tons of walking. But, if you go alone (or without children) and just wanted to chill on a beach chair, then yes, it would be.

As others have said, it’s what you make it. If you plan on going on lots of slides, then it’s pretty exhausting (lots of stairs). If your kids are old enough to be on their own, you could spend the whole time laying in the sun or on the lazy river if you wanted to.

Thank you for the replies. My kids are teens, and will be 15 & 17. Sounds like we will have a great time but it will still be exhausting… As I will want to keep up with them and go on all the rides! Might be best to have restful evening plans as I generally find water activities exhausting too.

I find the wave pool at TL to be very relaxing when it has the medium waves. The lazy river is also very relaxing. We are going the last day of our trip to begin to unwind. But then, the kids are in their thirties. Makes a huge difference what you do when you get there and who you go with.

My daughter, 12 at the time, and I visited Blizzard Beach last September. It was not planned - It was raining and we just needed a break from the parks. The water park was pretty much empty and we found it to be very relaxing - and rejuvenating. There was hardly anyone there, and we were able to pretty much walk on to all of the slides. I was pleasantly surprised, it turned out to be one of the highlights of our trip.

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We did parks in the morning. Went to Waterpark and rode lazy river to slides we wanted. We didn’t sit in chairs. Riding on a lazy river can be relaxing until DS pushes you into spraying water. Get a map a see which landings are near to stuff you want to do. Head to resort when afternoon storm clouds appear.

NOTHING at WDW is relaxing unless you make it relaxing.