Are tickets upgradable to add more days

A friend of mine has 3 one-day one-park passes that say “non-refundable, non-transferable value” on them. They expire Aug. 9th, so she’s looking to sell them, since she won’t get down there again before then. She was in town for her husband’s work gathering, so I assume the tickets were purchased through the company? Anyway, I’m wondering if I buy those tickets: 1) Can I upgrade them at all? Add days, make them 2-park, anything?, and 2) Does “value” mean they’re only good certain days? Thanks!

I was noticing that regular one-day tickets can be labeled “value”, so maybe that’s all it is. So can I upgrade/extend it? And I’d get the value of that toward the new ticket (looks like $110)?

Did you see this info?

I didn’t know universal sells value tickets. Where did they originally come from?

Thanks for your response. The info in that thread was helpful.

If you go to Universal’s website and price a one-day, one park ticket, you’ll see a calendar, asking you to select your date. If you click on a light blue date (currently), you’ll get value pricing. Dark blue are higher (“anytime”) prices. So I assume the ticket she has is from a “value” date.

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I called and asked this question about adding days to a regular ticket. They said you can add days as long as you do it before you leave the park on the last day of your ticket. They said you would just pay the list price difference. I would call and ask about your specific situation.