Are there other restaurants like Biergarten regarding seating?

I didn’t find out until today when I was looking through things that you are seated with others at tables at Biergarten. Are there other restaurants at WDW that do this or just this one? I assume Spirit of Aloha you sit at tables with others because of the way it is set up.

Teppan Edo is similar. The tables seat 8, and they’ll combine parties to fill them. Pretty standard for that kind of restaurant, though.

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Oh, yeah forgot about that one, but we have a hibachi grill style restaurant near our home so its not a must do for us like it was the last time we were there. But thanks!

DH is a little weirded out with the thought of Biergarten seating so I guess we are changing. DS16 wants to try Restaurant Marrakesh, he says its cause of the different food that he hasn’t tried before…I say its cause of the belly dancers! :wink:

Thanks again.

I’ve found most people at Disney are friendly; I might encourage DH to reconsider his opposition. Minimally, you’ll have the fact that you’re at WDW in common with your tablemates. And of course you can always politely ignore them! As for Marrakesh, well…boys will be boys :wink:

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Thanks, I’m going to talk with him when he gets home from work. I figure even if he doesn’t change his mind we have several other options that we are all happy with so it doesn’t really matter if we change or not.

Thanks again for your input, its appreciated!

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Mickey’s Backyard Barbecue is also combined tables. I was a bit weirded out by the thought of Biergarten, but am trying to overcome, and have ressie for next week. Hopefully not benches, because we will have WC guest. Special end of table spot like Mickey’s, maybe.

Please stop back by and let me know how it all goes for you, would be interested to see how it was since you are having the same feelings about it ahead of time. We aren’t going until February so that would still give me time to change if I need to.

My son and I have been on Amtrak across the country and have eaten meals with strangers in the dining car so we aren’t so concerned but I can understand, my DH is not a real people person sort of…

No bench seating at Biergarten. You’ll have your own seats. Our party of 3 sat between at family of 6 (grandparents, daughter/husband & 2 young grandchildren) and a young married couple. We had a blast! I hope you do too!

Well DH wasn’t with us, and we were seated at an accessible table on top level, near buffet (two lines). We were seated with a family of 5 who were very quiet, which was a match for us. But I have to say it is DD’s new favourite, the music and show were great, food was excellent. I am definitely booking again.

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Thanks for sharing your experience. I’m still trying to talk my DH and DS into it. But in the mean time I grabbed a reservation for restaurant Marrakesh.

We actually encountered this for the first time when we were actually in Germany. We thought it was strange, but we had a great time! Since then we did Biergarten years and years ago, but we always try to go to a place in Nashville when we travel down that way that has this same family seating style called Monells. We made great friends. They even helped us look at properties around Nashville.

My 19-year old son requested this restaurant this time. He was too young to remember it when we went to Disney, but he went to Monell’s and loved it!