Are there Military Salute Tickets for DISNEYLAND RESORT?

It looks like I will be coming to DLR July 26-28 (Yay!).First visit since 2012 (I can’t believe that either - my longest gap since my first visit in '85). In the past I’ve always used Military Salute tickets, but I haven’t been able to find any info on-line (tons of stuff about WDW, but nothing about DLR). Do they still have MS tickets for DLR? Does anyone know what the price is - or at least have a link to a page where I can find the info?


brb… trying to find a link for you

Try calling them… they’ve hidden their price sheet but we’ve purchased DL tickets from there when we lived on Hill AFB
Tickets & Travel – 75FSS

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did you look on this site?
The Disney Armed Forces Salute - Military Ticket and Room Discounts • Military Disney Tips Blog

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We got our DLR tickets (and Legoland and some other SoCal stuff) from Camp Pendleton ITT a few years ago - easy peasy :slight_smile:

There’s a price list posted here:

Thank you!

We have been wondering about this as well, having trouble finding if we can get them for Disneyland. Have a trip planned for November. Will you share if you find anything? I will do the same. Thanks!

I called our ITT on Peterson AFB last week (before they announced they will be opening to non Cali guests). They said they anticipate the DL salute tickets coming back after the announcement. But it’s delayed to get to them, so to check back likely early-mid June. Because of park reservations you may want to just get the basic military discount tickets. You’ll pay more, but will guarantee you can get park reservations.

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This is exactly what I decided to do. Thanks for looking into this for me.

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