Are the touring plan times off?

I’m planning a VERY last-minute trip to WDW. In the past week, I’ve not only booked our flight, hotel, and rental car, but thanks to the Touring Plans Reservation Finder, I’ve also booked meals at Be Our Guest and Akershus!! (Thank you, Touring Plans!!) We fly out tomorrow.

My question comes as I’ve been working on our touring plans. I am seeing much lower wait times on our plans than what I would expect. The crowd calendar says the parks are going to be at level 8 or 9 but many of the wait times on my TP are 12, 15 mins…37 for Peter Pan in the afternoon.

Here’s my TP for tomorrow for example:

Yet when I look at the park today, most rides are at 50 minutes or more for wait times.

I see what you mean. I do not believe those times but maybe you will be pleasantly surprised?

I had the same issue (May 2017). The times were way off for our trip and our plans were practically useless. Not sure what happened.

E-mail about this - they should be able to figure out what is going on here.

There was a major difference on 12/16 - I ran into several instances were wait times were MUCH longer than predicted in the app. App predicted 37 min for Jungle Cruise but it was over an hour.

One problem seemed like the predictions were assuming a large drop in crowd numbers later in the evening - that did not happen, it was crowded till 11 pm. It was a trying experience for my family. We kept trying to ride Under The Sea because the app said the wait time should have been 25 min but the line was backed all the way up and there were a lot of ‘Fastpass-ers’

That was my experience back in 2014 too. Previously they had been great, but they were WAY off - by as much as 100% that week (especially at the MK). The posted wait times were closer to being accurate. Haven’t had a chance to get back to see if it was an anomaly or not - but I would certainly be suspicious if something looked “too good”.

So far on our first two days the wait times on the touring plan I made ahead of time have indeed been way off. So I just took it as a checklist, crossing off immediately anything that wasn’t a “must-do” (unless it had a low wait time later and we were nearby) and just hitting our priority attractions.

I checked the app many times throughout the day to see current wait times and decide where to go next. The wait times on the app were very accurate.