Are the crowds in May and August similar?

First of all: Please excuse me for my English, it will not be perfect because I am living in The Netherlands and English is not my native language.

In 2015 and 2015 we have visited Disneyworld the last 2 weeks of the month april and we loved it, the crowds where not bad and the weather was perfect.

This year we are thinking of going to Disney World in the first two weeks of August.

Here is my question:
When I look at the crowd calendar I see the crowds in the first two weeks in August are similar to the crowds in the last two weeks in April 2014 and 2015. when I look at fora everybody tells me the month of August is a very busy month because of the vacations of the children in the USA.

Do I read this crowd calendar wrong ore are the fora wrong?

Please help me :slight_smile:

Welcome!! I cannot comment about August crowds because I have not visited then. However, please know that how the crowd calendar calculates levels and wait times has changed in the past two years…so a 5 in 2015 may be more like a 3 now, and a 5 now may be more like a 7 four years ago. I don’t remember exactly how much the shift was, so those are just examples. I just didn’t want you to expect the same levels and then be shocked!

Also know that in regards to the weather, August will be much hotter and more humid than April/May can be, with more frequent rain.

On the bright side, this summer appears to be lighter crowds, as people may be holding off on their trips until Star Wars opens based on the discounts and offers Disney has been giving.

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Hallo! Ik nam Nederlanders toen ik op de universiteit en zelden krijgen om het te gebruiken. Maar ik zal schakel naar het Engels voor alle anderen.

Are you thinking of coming this August? If so, I think this August will be a great time since it’s right before Star Wars opens. In general, August is a slower month because American children go back to school and the tour groups that come from South America go back home, too. I think you’d be fine in August - though it might be a little hotter.


@LZog - Thank you very much for your reply. I did not know “the numbers had changed” so thank you for warning me.

@sclong77 - Uw Nederlands is erg goed, heeft u in Amerika Nederlandse les gehad? (Your Dutch is Great, did you have Dutch lessons in an American Unversity?)

I did nit know Star Wars is opening so soon, I thought it would be next year.

Concerning the Florida weather in August; it may sound strange but I am looking forward to it, ik keep thinking it can not be as bad as everybody is saying. On the other hand I have no idea ore experience with Florida weather in August. In the Netherlands it is rarely colder then 23 F and rarely hother then 77 F

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I am going in August as well, mid-August for me.
I lived in Florida for 6 years so a couple things with the heat…make sure you drink plenty of water, stay hydrated…90-100° sounds nice, but it can be brutal, especially when you add in the high humidity…take lots of breaks, preferably in the a/c, pace yourself, and look into some cooling towels…they work really well and you can find them on Amazon

You’re gonna have a great time!

Bedankt! Ik nam Nederlands aan een Amerikaanse universiteit en bracht een semester in het buitenland door met een Nederlandse vriend in Den Bosch.

Star Wars opens August 29. As far as weather, it’s just very humid. And you can anticipate that it will rain briefly probably each day, but I’ve never found it to be a barrier to a great vacation. I actually just booked a weekend at the beginning of August and have had zero issues finding a good deal on a hotel or restaurant reservations. I’m hoping the crowds will be good!

It is a well-established fact that Dutch people speak better English than British people do. As your opening post confirms.

Your keyboard appears to be broken.


The heat and humidity during the day is very bad, but i think the worst part is that it doesn’t really cool off at night. Some nights the lowest temperature may be 75F with high humidity. This means that when you walk outside in the morning expecting cool weather, you are instead hit with a wall of humid air.

You just need to accept the fact that you’ll be sweaty all day.


@Mousemat; thank you for you friendly compliment :blush:

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