Are Sundays really the slowest day of the week?

The crowd calendar shows Sundays as the slowest day of the week through the summer. Is that legit? Seems to go against everything I know about what days people usually do fun stuff on.

In my experience Saturday is the slowest day of the week now because all but PAP is blocked. The reason Disney stopped selling new SCA AP was to decrease the crowds on Sunday because they had gotten out of control. The crowd calendar for DLR is not accurate at all.

Sunday AM certainly was empty. I was there for a 7AM EE (in Sept). In the first hour I did Peter Pan, Snow White, Mr. Toad, Pinocchio, Dumbo, Matterhorn (both tracks), Buzz and Space Mountain - all in the first hour. I don't think I waited more than 5 min for anything. I only used 2 FPs and didn't wait more than 20 min for anything.

Hi! Thought we were going 10/1 which had a lovely crowd calendar of ones and twos but now looks like it will be Sunday, 9/28 which has a wonderful prediction of an EIGHT.

How bad is it really?

As @Belles says the crowd calendar's been off. End of Sept shouldn't be bad. Early entry, rope drop, FPs, locals don't show up until 11am-ish. Get as much as you can done, then head to hotel for break/pool. Since it's off season, F! & FWs are only Fri-Sun so crowds generally come into DL after 5pm.

Thanks @moorparknay15, unfortunately we won't be arriving until that day and we have a 3 hour ride. We will (hopefully) close the place (have to see how 4 year old does) and do whatever we can fp wise. Work is paying for it so we can only be so flexible. Hopefully we can get a late flight out on Monday so we can get some park time then as well. smile

ETA so I was wrong -- looks like we are going on 10/1 and not 9/29 as previously mentioned. 10/1 is level 1 for both parks.

My oh my what a wonderful day!