Are night crowds more busy on Early Magic Hour Days?

I’m considering getting an Electric parade FP so my family five (3 kids 8 and under) and walk up to reserved seating and not stress. However, do I choose the night that does not have EMH or does it matter? I just wasn’t sure if those go often feel the nights are more crowded on those days? I understand that the mid-day is overall busier. We would take an afternoon break and come back.

Thanks for your two-cents!

Nights are always less busy than days regardless of EMH being available. A lot of families can’t stay late enough, or have children that don’t enjoy, Wishes and MSEP. If you are going to use the FP for it it really won’t matter which night because they keep that area very uncrowded. We used one for Wishes and MSEP on our last trip and both areas were wide open with very few people in it. We were able to grab a seat right at the edge of the parade route and had only a few others sitting near us. The later it gets the emptier the park gets and the shorter the lines get. Night is my favorite time at Magic Kingdom!

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Morning EMH is definitely busier and may influence the daytime crowds. But by nightfall, it does get “quieter.”

And night EMH is my favorite. Often feels like you own the park.

If you have the inclination and the kids can hold up, and if there’s a late parade offered, I’d recommend staying for the second MSEP and using your FPP for something else earlier in the day. Most people leave right after wishes and it’s easy to find a prime viewing spot for it.

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