Are my Magic Bands ready to go?

I am heading to WDW next week and our staying at an off site resort. We have have purchased Magic Bands and I’ve linked them to our tickets, reservations, FastPass+ and to our Memory Maker. We have never used Magic Bands before. Are we ready to go and can walk straight into the park with the bands now, or is there anything else we need to do? I’d read somewhere before about needing to supply a finger print, and wasn’t sure if we need to take care of that before we enter the park.


Finger print is scanned at first park entry then stored for future. If your bands are linked to mde /tix then you are goid to go.

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We did this too, as we are staying off site. Can you link a CC to the magic bands if you are staying off site?

I’ve seen conflicting information on this, so if anyone else knows please chime in! I’ve read that it’s only for people staying on site because they actually link it to the card that is linked to your room. I’ve also read that anyone can link a card which would be great to not have to carry my wallet around.

It would be nice, though i would still carry my wallet for other reasons, I just wouldn’t have to dig it out of the bottom of my backpack where it is safe, for me to put it down somewhere or hold up the line getting stuff in and out. I was also thinking maybe we can load Disney gift cards on it? I just think if they have the technology, why not let us use it?

The MagicBands just point at your MDE account, and let you charge things to your room. A person then uses credit cards, gift cards, etc to pay against the room’s bill. But since you’re offsite, you don’t have that room to charge against. That’s the theory of it.

But, I have a CC associated with MDE, for ADR’s, so why can’t they use that? My point is just that they have this awesome system in place, and if they tweaked it a little they could let everyone use it, not just on property people. Becides, people probally spend more when using magic bands than cash or even CC, it’s so easy!

They can’t link credit cards to magic bands for many reasons esp security risks. Wdw are not willing/able to use encryption methods which would satisfy the relevant data / banking legislations as they stand. By linking magic bands to your hotel room its just the same as any other hotel room charging facilities which you then pay seperately with your c/card.

Ah, see now that makes sense that the government has something to do with it :wink: