Are mosquitoes an issue first half of April?

Are mosquitoes an issue first half of April? If it is an issue, is it only during dusk/dawn or all day? And if it is a problem, is it worse at some parks (or Disney springs) than others?
We have mosquito magnets in the family but I would rather not slather on the DEET unless we have to. I figure the weather will be too warm to wear pants and long sleeves?
Staying at Sheraton Vistana Resorts, don’t know if anyone has experience there with mosquitoes.
Thank you.

None of the 5 people in my group had issues with mosquitos at WDW in late June. We did not use any bug spray and were out at day/dusk/evening regularly in all 4 theme parks. I am typically a mosquito magnet, but I don’t think I go a single bite during the whole trip which included a horrseback ride at Fort Wilderness.

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I am chewed by mosquitoes here at home but I have never been bugged by mosquitoes over at WDW. I think you’re safe amiga!


Oddly enough, I ran across Mosquito Prevention Services at WDW. They’re everywhere. So if you enter that in the search function on the WDW map it will show you where to get bug repellent on the off chance that you might need it. They have a whole policy statement on mosquitos, so you are safe at Disney! I have no idea about the Sheraton, though.

For years my annual trips were in April. I will say that I rarely saw mosquitoes but I have come home with welts that have lasted for weeks. I now always have repellent at least April- November.

We have been in September, November and January. In September, Disney had stations everywhere with free mosquito repellent. Oddly enough though, we never had one bite and we were very concerned about my middle daughter because she reacts badly to the bites. It’s like they don’t live in that zip code. lol

The last I looked the stations have lotion repellent. If you are sensitive to any chemicals ( like me) I would bring some.

I found this video on mosquitoes at WDW interesting: Enjoy!

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Amazing. Thanks for the link.

Mosquitos are one issue in Florida. I believe these are what usually get me:

Beginning of June I was bitten multiple times while enjoying Fantasmic. I also was bit by a yellow fly at AKL. No one else in my family suffered. I always travel with insect repellent now.

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I’m a mosquito magnet. I have never gotten bitten in Disney and have gone in April, May and September. I’ve heard it can happen, but we haven’t had a problem.

Is your name Stefanie Mae? Mine is Stephanie May (first and middle).

I get eaten alive by mosquitos and have never had a problem at Disney. I brought bug spray on our first trip and never used it. I stopped packing it.