Are money belts allowed on all Universal rides?

When I was at Universal in 2017, I could wear a money belt—basically a flat fanny pack—on any ride, even the ones that didn’t allow any other type of bag. The pack was required to have a three-prong type of clip. Is this still the case?

I believe so, as long as you don’t have any metal on the 3 rides with metals detectors.


In May, despite my efforts to ensure I would not be stopped at the metal detectors and place everything in the free lockers, I missed the single car key that was in my zippered cargo pocket. They wouldn’t let me ride and I had to go back and put it in the locker.

As such, if you have anything, as @bebe80 said, that might potentially set off the metal detector, just utilize one of the free lockers. It is quick and easy.


So, you can’t have your phone on those 3 rides, even if it’s safely zipped into a flat money belt?



Hmm, according to this article, those metal detectors have been in place since 2015. But I could have sworn I went on all the rides in 2017 with my money belt and phone. I guess I could be remembering it wrong.

In 2017, only two rides would have required it…and, truth is, they have gotten more strict about it in recent years. For example, I had ALWAYS been allowed to ride with my insulin pump clipped to my belt on RRR without issues up until 2019, when they flat out refused to let me ride with it.

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With how wicked those 3 rides are, they just can’t risk people getting their phones out on the coaster and having a mishap.