Are LLs like VQs...?

If you arrive past your window, will you still be allowed to enter through the LL?

Yes and no.

There’s a built-in 15 minute grace period after your window closes. Arrive before that grace period and you’ll be able to tap right in.

After that it is up to the discretion of the cast member. I wouldn’t count on it though, you should try to make it within the window/Grace period.

If something happens to cause you to be late (meal went long, etc), you can speak to a cast member at a blue umbrella and they may be able to extend it for you.


So if I luck out and get a really early Slinky Dog LL and don’t go there first because it might scare my kids as their first ever Disney ride and miss our window, that might not be a great plan.


I wouldn’t. Are you doing early entry?

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Hmmm well if you’re looking for a gentler 1st ride in DHS…

If you can go early entry, you could probably RD TSM and still make the window for even the earliest SDD LL.

Mind you SDD LLs go quickly so it’ll take some luck to nab a window that opens before 9 AM.


Agreed. With EE you could RD MMRR, then do TSM and saucers before the SDD window is done, even if you get the first one.


Yes MMRR is another great first ride candidate.


But if you’re not doing EE, things will get tricky as all of those “non-SDD” attractions do get pretty hefty standby lines (i.e., standby lines that exceed the 1-hour window for an LL) fairly quickly once the park opens.