Are larger parties always seated by the bathroom/kitchen entrance/server's station . . .?

A while back, I began noticing that nearly every time our family goes out to eat, we are always seated at a table near the bathroom, kitchen, back corner, server's station, etc. It finally dawned on me the reason why--with 5 people, we require more than the usual 4-top by the windows. The larger tables are typically at the back, in the corner, etc. It's disappointing to rarely get "the good table."

So my question---do Disney restaurants do any better than the average neighborhood Chili's in distributing "equitable" seating around the restaurant (I'm trying to remember from our last trip, but I was more distracted then with our younger children)? One example that comes to mind--in the pics of 50's PT, the cute/fun tables pictured with TVs are typically 4-tops. Another pic shows a larger table, sadly situated up against a boring paneled wall. Sigh.

Lately I've been more obstinate about requesting to move if I see a better table that would accommodate us. Am I just extraordinarily picky? Has anyone else ever noticed this? Sometimes I wish we were a family of 7 or 8 so they'd possibly drag together two 4-tops in the middle of the floor, instead of sending us to the 6-top in the back.

I'm pretty laid back and don't get riled up about too much, but I'm tired of paying the same money for our meal as everyone else, when our view is of the blue circle "Women" logo or the waitstaff computer register.

Is it just me? It's ok, you can say it is . . . smile

I don't think it's just you. That would be frustrating. Unfortunately I can't really help we're just a party of two, but I do see how that would be irritating.

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I can't I've specifically studied this, but thinking back to some I've been in recently, I'd say that the larger tables tend to be in the middle of the room(s) and smaller tables/booths around the perimeter...

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A couple of restaurants that have great views for big groups are Cali Grill and Hacienda. We were the fortunate ones that sat at the big window table at Hacienda, but at CG we were a 2-top behind a couple of big parties. We could still enjoy the view and ambience, just weren't right next to the window.

We also weren't able to sit at a "tv table" at 50's, but our little corner was just as themed and we enjoyed it. At Chefs, we were in the corner, but it gave us a great view of the live performers outside. We have had big tables right in the middle of the action at CM, WCC, 'Ohana and CP over the years.

You have every right to request another table, hope you have great views and great meals! 😃

We've been to numerous WDW restaurants with a group of 5 - three adults and two kids. I am sensitive to these types of issues, and I never had any complaints about our seats.

Outside the World, one thing that I have noticed is that some restaurants will group parties with children together, often in the back. This is presumably a way of trying to contain or isolate the noise that can go with kids, and it's usually fine with me because I'd rather not have to worry that I am interrupting the romantic dinner next to me. That said, if I see an open table that I prefer, I always ask nicely if it's possible to sit there. All they can do is say no.

Our large party of 13 was usually seated in the middle or outer booth areas with large seating area. We never had an issue with bathrooms or server stations.