Are Jawas still trading stuff in HS?

I’ve read about Jawas trading stuff in HS in the past years and I was wandering if they still were there or not.
Thank you!

I believe that was stopped. There were guest complaints.

Why would guests complain about that?

They would not trade with everyone. You never knew what they would like? I think sometimes little children did not understand?

My youngest at 4 was upset because a Jawa wouldn’t trade with him, but would with his older brothers. We gave him something different to try with a different Jawa, who did trade, so it worked out for us. But we didn’t complain and we did talk to him about the rules. However, I don’t think a preschooler really gets it. The Jawas were pretty cool, but I understand the issue.

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I mean, couldn’t they have just changed the rules rather than get rid of the whole thing?

I still miss Miyuki, the candy lady in Japan. Her creations were soooo cool, but of course the whining from people who didn’t get one put a stop to that (and from what I saw it was mostly adults doing the whining)… :rage:

Yes. The problem isn’t that the Jawas wouldn’t trade with everyone…the problem was that people were COMPLAINING they wouldn’t trade with everyone. But, to me, it is far more realistic for a Jawa NOT to trade sometimes than to trade all the time.

I feel there is likely more to this story.

I agree. I never traded with them but it was fun trying to find crazy things they may take from a child (FYI- a liner pin did.not work).

But could I have traded one of my unruly children for, say, a mickey pretzel?


Now that is brilliant!