Are FL Resident Grandparents able to purchase FL Resident APs for Grandkids?

Can a Florida resident purchase Florida resident APs for grandchildren who live out of state? My kids are going to spend the end of August with my dad and he wants to take them. An AP makes most sense for them. Can he purchase them at the resident rate? I’m being told conflicting answers. Thanks!

Officially no. Your dad can only buy APs for people who live in Florida.

However Disney do not require proof of address for children…


So don’t believe the Disney Mom’s Panel post I read?

"My grandkids are coming to visit. Can I get Florida resident discounts?”

“I have good news, you can buy Walt Disney World Resort theme park tickets for your grandchildren and yourself at Florida Resident prices, as long as your grandchildren are under the age of 18.”

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I just said officially they are meant for Florida residents!

Wow I wouldn’t have guessed the Mom’s Panel would say that, I thought if you didn’t have proof of residency then you were unable to purchase with the FL resident discount. Although, I never considered children in that assumption.

I don’t actually know the policy here, just adding my confusion to the fray.

I know that one of the guys from BSOM had the grandparents do it for their children. So it’s worked in the past.

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I believe the grandparents also had to be there at activation and first use?


That is what I understand too.

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@jeremy1002 did this I believe.

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