Are Fantasmic Fast Passes available at MM time, or only at 8am?

This question assumes Fantasmic is back by our touring dates in mid-October. Assuming it is, would this be doable?

We plan to be in DCA for a non early entry Saturday, one expected to be very PACKED. However, we will have park hoppers with a MM entry that we won’t have used, and b/c our evenings are restricted by all the Halloween parties projected for our stay, we will have to visit Fantasmic on a day when we are touring DCA in the AM. Is there any sense in having a runner grab a Fantasmic FP during the MM portion of DLR, while the rest of the party exits the park and gets in Rope Drop line at DCA, our intended morning park? Or, does the FP system only go live at park opening?

If the latter, what would be our best strategy to get Fantasmic tickets, knowing it’s been offline for so long? On a packed day, what time have Fantasmic tickets run out in the past? We can’t be in the FP line for RSR, and in line for Soaring and Toy Story AND/ALSO be in DLR. Would it be ridiculous if one runner waited in the Fantasmic FP line at 7AM for one hour, just to grab FP’s right at 8am, and then spring over to DCA to meet up with the rest of the party, wherever they are in the park?

Our evening touring days at DLR are slim, due to the Halloween parties, which we don’t particularly want to pay for, b/c I think they will be wasted on our young kids. Due to crowd level predictions, and EMH days at DCA, our morning touring is pretty set.


Usually fastpasses are not available during EMH/MM, however WOC has been doing this lately. So, I’d say there is a good chance that the FPs will be available, but of course won’t know until F! reopens, whenever that may be. If they are not available until regular open, the other members of the party will have to wait to enter DCA until the runner returns to the plaza between the parks, as the runner will have all the tickets. This will delay the entrance to DCA, as they let people into the park 30 minutes early, and have you wait at the rope inside. I think the better plan would be to have a runner go to DL for F! FPs after you all have gotten FPs for whatever your choice is and after riding some things at rope drop. The FPs for F! will last at least a few hours.

I agree with @Wahoohokie, FP should last a while, at least they used to. I think you all have to actually enter the park, though, in order to get FP, but I can’t remember for sure. Max Pass will change all of that, of course–you’ll no longer to be able to get FP for RSR and SM, for example. Not sure how that will affect the shows since those aren’t connected.

Thanks. This makes sense. II was just curious if Fantasmic ran out super early. If not, I agree, we’ll try to get them later. Honestly, I hope they launch Max Fast Pass after I go, mostly b/c I don’t want to have to re-think everything. Not sure what SM, is though?