Are express passes needed during low crowd days?

CL 2, I’m wondering if EP are needed during the daytime? Are the stanby lines about the same?

We are trying to decide between HRH and Cabana bay. CBs pricing would almost fund HHN and EP one evening. Dates are 30 sept thru 2 Oct. But if the EP is particularly useful I don’t have a problem staying at HR.

No you should be fine. You are staying for a few days so if it does get bit busy you can focus on wwohp the shows and rides with low wait times one 1-2 days and buy a day of exp pass for the rides with long lines another day. We did 3 days off site Easter 2013 rd was key and we were planning on buying exp pass but didn’t need to. We used crowd calander to pick best days. The day of one exp pass per ride v’s the unlimited tickets are a good fall back option .

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Excellent suggestion about the day of one ride EP. Our main focus is HHN but having basically 2 1/2 park days and low crowds it should be doable. I don’t mind spending extra for HRH just didn’t want to feel like it was money spent for no reason. Thanks!