Are EMH and park hours likely to change once posted on TP?


We are trying to pick out what restaurants we want to get reservations for and are trying to decide on which days for each park (we don’t have hoppers). We are going August 19-29th 2017 and are about 7 months out. How likely are the park hours and EMH likely to change? That is what we are basing most of our days on is the EMH. But if they change they can potentially mess up our reservations.

Very likely. Disney does not post “official” hours until 6 months out, and even then they may change between 6 months and your trip. TP posted hours are based on what has been done historically.

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Ok thanks. Makes it difficult to make plans for morning reservations for breakfast. :slight_smile:

Get the earliest you can and then be vigilant watching for changing hours. The earlier you find out about the changes, the quicker you can adapt and try for an earlier ressie. Also, don’t for get about the ResFinder if the hours change. It worked wonders for me when the MK hours went from 9 to 8 and my 7:45 Chef Mickey’s was no longer beneficial.