Are Disney VHS actually worth anything?

I’m thinking of getting rid of most of my VHS tapes due to poor quality and the fact that I can see most of that stuff much better quality on streaming services. I am hesitant about the Disney ones however due to that rumor that they are worth something. I don’t think mine are worth anything b/c I see most listed on Ebay for very little. Thanks for any advice. I only have about 15 of the basic movies so not of interest to collectors, I don’t think.

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According to this article if you have any from the Black Diamond collection they are valuable.

Huh. I have the black diamond “Beauty and the Beast” VHS, so I poked around. It looks like most actually sell in the $25 or less range.

I guess it just depends how much someone is willing to pay for it. And how much time you’re willing to spend trying to find someone wanting it badly enough.

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I guess if you have a lot of them, at $25 or so a pop, you could make some money (if you wanted to sell)
I have at least 50 just sitting. I’ll have to take a look!

…heads to savers to look for “Black Diamond” VHS tapes and books another trip!


I’m sure it would help to have all the original marketing leaflets they put in the case.

It looks like the most valuable might be the black diamond copy of The Little Mermaid with its… phallic… castle.

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Which of course I held onto for a couple of decades and then DW threw out.


There’s a copy on eBay going for $45,000 lol. I know there’s no way anyone will actually pay that much, but the idea of someone being so enamored with that image that THEY think it’s worth $45,000 it hilarious to me.


Oh sure they might not get anywhere near that much for it… but I’m not telling DW that :rofl: