Are dessert parties worth it?

We will be in WDW for our first time in October and are trying to do it all including seeing the night time shows. On our last night we have reservations for a galactic spectacular dessert party. At first I thought I had snagged a great ticket. Now I’m noticing that it is not selling out! Is it just not worth the cost? On Oct 1 the price increases to $79 per adult and $45 per child (maybe it increases because the show also includes Disney movie magic as well?). With a party of 5-6, the cost will add up. Since it is our last night however and my boys and DH are huge star wars fans, I thought it might be a nice way to end the trip. I had also been reading that the Fireworks dessert party with Plaza Garden viewing is a stress free way to see HEA. I did adr this event too but am feeling like we should only do one dessert party if any. Is this one really worth it? Is getting a spot to watch HEA truly a stress event? CL for MK is 5 on the day we are going. Out of the two parties, HS seems to offer the most theming and may be a special event for us. HEA seems like we would only be doing it for the convenience factor… thanks for any feedback.

I have never done one - so know that.
However my understanding is you get “good seating” and “deserts” - don’t know if there is any other benefit. To me - NOT worth it. I would rather take that ~$340 and put it towards something else.

For us, it was completely worth it but only because I have an aversion to crowds. For HEA, folks were crammed into the hub all around the viewing area and I would have been incredibly anxious the entire time. Plus, I’m short and can’t lift DS8 anymore so unless we were first in the row of people, we would have missed out on a lot. I wouldn’t have stayed to watch if we didn’t do the dessert party (I had never seen Wishes for this reason).

Star Wars was a little more bang for the buck as I though the desserts were better and being able to roam around Launch Bay with short waits for characters was a nice bonus. But I do think we could have gotten an ok and not completely packed viewing spot on the day we went without the dessert party - I don’t feel that way with HEA.

We haven’t done the HEA Dessert Party, but we’ve done the Wishes Dessert Party. I think it was totally worth it. There is so much to do in MK, so not having to stake out a decent spot for the fireworks really early is nice. You can focus on other things right up until the dessert party. We have the FEA DP booked for our next trip.

As for the SWaGS DP, I could see it going either way. Personally, I think it is worth it - not only for the above-mentioned reason but because of the reasons that @FindMeAFishingSpot said too - the desserts are better and you’re in the Launch Bay, which is fun for SW fans. Also, alcoholic beverages are included and you get a souvenir. Since there is much less to do at DHS, though, you would definitely have more time to stake out a good spot for the show, if you want to save the money. But if your DH and DSes, as you noted, are huge SW fans, it would be a nice indulgence for them. We did the DP last year, and we have it booked again for our next trip.

After I get home from our trips, I’ve found that I often will regret not doing something that I was thinking of doing at WDW, even if it costs extra, more than I regret having spent the extra money.

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I just did the HEA dessert party and I felt it was worth it for the convenience factor and the spectacular views alone. Our DD1 was slept throughout the party and fireworks, so it was nice to be able to have a handy spot for her and not The desserts were average at best and we were still full from dinner (my fault for trying to pack too much in). But again, the view from the garden plaza was awesome. We were one of the last families to move there after dessert portion and we had no problem finding a great spot to stand.

For what it’s worth, I met a guy at our hotel who was ranting about the Star Wars dessert party. He was highly disappointed and shared this feedback with Disney when a cast member came by to ask. He was most upset about the organization of the event, saying that the area in the Launch Bay is open to others at the same time, so there were lines and confusion and the cast members tried to sort who was allowed to go where. He also said there were standing tables for only about a quarter of the guests. But he liked the alcoholic drinks.

I would say that two dessert parties might be too much. I could justify the cost of one, but probably not two. I’d pick the one that you think has the most value for your family and go with it. Enjoy!

I’ve done HEA Plaza Garden and Star Wars. HEA was totally worth it – good desserts and great view without epic stress. Star Wars not worth it at all. More expensive, less good desserts. Good view, but not great show imho.

I have not done a dessert party, but after trying to find a good spot to watch HEA last week and being on the shorter side, I think I would try it next time. I wasn’t able to see most of the castle projections.

Has anyone done the dessert party during a holiday party? Like to watch holiday wishes? I see that it’s more expensive and I’m wondering if it’s worth the higher price?

We’ve done holiday dessert parties in the past, and it came with reserved parade viewing (in the center at Town Square). Though the description does not say it includes that this year, a CM on the phone told me that it does. I’m going to call again soon to re-confirm though, especially since they’ve been making other party changes recently. If it does not include the parade spot then it’s really not worth in, IMO. Not only does it cost more, it also takes up a chunk of party time that might be better spent doing other things, especially if you’re willing to watch the second parade.

Thanks for the info. Yea a good spot for the parade would definitely make it better!