Are crowd levels and wait times accurate for September 2018?

My family and I planned a trip to WDW last year around 9/10, but due to the hurricane last year we had to reschedule. We are going again around the same time 9/10 - 9/14 this year. The wait times and crowd levels are incredibly low between 9/10 - 9/14 - it looks like we don’t even need fast passes! But, if I go back and look at 2015 and 2016, the crowd levels seem to be much higher than what is showing for 2018. Long story short, I’m just wondering: Are crowd levels and wait times accurate for mid-September 18? Or are they skewed because of the hurricane last year?

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Crowds should be incredibly low. We’ve been in September (the week of labor day) and everything was virtually a walk-on. September is one of the lowest crowd times to go because most parents aren’t willing to take kids out of school that soon after starting. (We homeschool, so it wasn’t an issue for us.)


I would love to know more about home schooling and how it works…Next time you are on the LC Open Thread.

Not sure what that is.

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We homeschool, too. I think I’m on the LC thread more often than @ryan1, though, and that’s not often! :joy:

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La Cava…

We also homeschool and my whole family will be there from 9/9-9/15 and we are looking very forward to the low crowd levels. I’ll be taking a DI Leadership class as well, so looking very forward to the behind-the-scenes tour (crossing my fingers that we get a jaunt into Galaxies Edge).

I’d be curious about this question as well. I really don’t have any reason to believe it will be too crazy, though. Toy Story Land and The World of Avatar seem to be the only places where FP seems to be necessary - as well as the Seven Dwarf Mine Train at MK (I’ve never ridden it, but the wait times seem to always be off the charts).