Are car seats needed when using taxi/Uber/Lyft from John Wayne (SNA) to the DLR area?

We are traveling to Disneyland next week with my wife and our two month old son and my five year old daughter. We have an infant car seat for my son which we carry when traveling but for logistic purposes we usually don’t pack one for my daughter.

It is never an issue when we use taxi and we don’t have a car seat for my daughter. In Chicago, taxis are exempt from requiring a car seat for toddlers.

Will we legally need a car seat for going from SNA to our hotel? Would you suggest other options that do not involve carrying an extra car seat?

We won’t be renting a car and we will be staying close enough to the park to walk each day.

I found the below excellent article on California car seat laws & suggestions for how to work with their requirements that anyone under 8 be in a car seat (can be a booster) including taxis. The article has some great suggestions at the end about your options of getting a car seat. The last option of reserving a van/shuttle in advance & requesting car seats is what I have heard other people use that seems to work best, using the car service company, Lansky.

Thank you that was very informative!

I ended up using Sunnys Transportation which is cheaper than Lansky, they provide their own car seats even for infants and they are very highly rated on Yelp.

We are leaving tomorrow and I’m so excited! I haven’t visited Disneyland since Splash Mountain first opened back in 89.

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When I looked at Sunny’s it was almost double that of Lansky from LAX. Do you have a discount code? (Just curious!)

I don’t know about LAX but for SNA it was $65 using Sunny versus $85 using Lansky. No discount code needed.

May I suggest you get a bumble bum for your older child? They are a simple travel booster and will fit in a backpack. They sell them at Walmart, Amazon, and many other retailers for less than $30. We own one and are happy with its flexibility.

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Thank you for all your replies. Although the bumble bum seems like an innovative solution I really was looking to avoid to carry one more thing. We ended up using Sunny Transportation which are cheaper than Lansky, very professional and they provide car seats of all sizes.

In the future I might simply roll with the punches and accept the fact that car seats are simply a necessary inconvenience.

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