Are boo bash nights really good days to go?

I’m not looking to go to Boo Bash, but I am thinking of going to MK the day that Boo Bash is on…is it really true that the crowds are lower on those days?

That was true for the true parties, like MNSSHP and MVMCP. Those events started earlier (7pm?) which made for an early closure (6pm) of MK, and MK had no regular fireworks for the day guests. Some people were ok with shorter hours and no fireworks if it meant lower crowds (especially if they could hop elsewhere).

But Boo Bash is an After Hours (AH or DAH) event, which takes place after a full day which includes regular fireworks. It’s hard to guess what people will do. I wouldn’t expect as big a difference in CL. It will be more crowded during the last couple of hours when the Boo Bash people can start entering.