Are any of the restaurants we *haven't* tried worth bothering?

Last night, for grins and giggles, my husband and I sat down and wrote up a list of all the restaurants (both QS and TS) on property that we haven’t eaten at or don’t have scheduled for this year. Here’s the list. Are any of them something that we should try at some point? We’ve got a short staycation at Saratoga coming up a week from Saturday, but being local, we don’t feel the must do pressure of going to our favorites because we can go at any time. On the other hand, nothing really jumps out from our list of ones we haven’t done to really make it happen.

Oh, and for some of the higher-end restaurants, we will have a four-year-old with us, so that’s why they are still on our “not done” list and probably won’t happen this trip either.

Animal Kingdom:
Bradley Falls and Mr. Kamal’s
Yak and Yeti (TS)
Rainforest Cafe


Monsieur Paul
La Hacienda de San Angel
Spice Road Table

Magic Kingdom:
Cinderella’s Royal Table
Diamond Horseshoe (I’ve done it, husband has not)
Liberty Tree Tavern
Plaza Restaurant

Flying Fish (on our to-do list for this year, though)
Trattoria al Forno
Shutters at Old Port Royale
Chef Mickey’s (I’ve done it, husband has not)
Cafe Rix
Las Ventanas
Maya Grill
Pepper Market
Garden Grove Cafe
Il Mulino
Whispering Canyon

Rainforest Cafe
Fulton (I’ve done, husband has not)
Planet Hollywood (I’ve done, husband has not)
House of Blues

I think Yak & Yeti and Liberty Tree Tavern are definitely a couple of our favorites. And I’m in the minority I know, but I actually like the food at Planet Hollywood.


I just did Liberty Tree Tavern on our last trip. I really enjoyed it! The menu never appealed to me before but it was good. However, I wasn’t too awed by the toffee thing for dessert- it seemed like something I could get at Applebee’s.

I would also say CRT for the experience of dining in the castle. whispering Canyon is fun too.

I also ate at Planet Hollywood this trip. It was the only thing we could get last minute with a large party. My chicken sandwich was terrible. And service was slow (Sorry Outer!). It might have just been what I ordered. However in walking around with my misbehaving DS2, I found the axe fromthe Shining which was pretty cool.

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Haha no need to be sorry. I used to work there so it probably has a little soft spot for me. I love the lasagna. It’s very noisy though and It’s been several years so the service could have gotten much worse.

La Hacienda is one of our favorites. High-end Mexican food (definitely not Taco Bell), plus you can watch IllumiNations from there.

Liberty tree is one of our favorites…I love pot roast in most any setting and think the ooey gooey cake is delicious. I really like the theming of it (then again, I also really enjoyed a trip to colonial Williamsburg in December)

[quote=“mascardofamily, post:1, topic:10720”]
Plaza Restaurant[/quote]

Worth going just for a milkshake.

[quote=“mascardofamily, post:1, topic:10720”]
Whispering Canyon[/quote]

You ought to try this at least once, too. Food’s ok, but overall experience can be amusing.

Y&Y, LTT (lunch), and La Hacienda are all on my favorites list. The signatures are ALL excellent - but I respect your decision to not go to them with a 4YO; the experience would really be “lost” on them (and they would probably find it boring).

We went to Golden Horseshoe when we needed to sit down in air conditioning. It was a mob scene. Ordering was a chaotic mess. The ice cream was creditable. You can skip it.
LTT is one of our favorites. A little haven of air-conditioned civilization. We’ve had good food and good service.

For me, T-Rex is just too loud and frenetic for a meal. I had a drink at the bar one time, took a walk through the restaurant, and that was enough for me. Rain Forest is kind of cute, but the food was unremarkable and overpriced (even by Disney standards) for what you got. If I had kids, it might be a different story.

In the old days when the Horseshoe had the “Saloon Show” it was a lot of fun (the food was marginal, but secondary to the entertainment). Haven’t been recently.

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The ONLY “good” things about PH are the architecture and movie props. The food is marginal and the service slow and boarderline rude. Even with a coupon I wouldn’t use “Disney time” to eat there again.

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So it looks like the order to try are:

Y&Y and La Hacienda
PH, Plaza, Whispering Canyon, and CRT (in the “just to say we’ve done it” category)
and then everything else is “eh”

I think we’ll see what we can get for next weekend out of the top three. The other things we’re looking at are The Wave for breakfast one day, Trattoria for breakfast another, and a dinner at Cape May. Thanks, all! :sunflower:


We love LTT for lunch. We haven’t tried dinner there, because the menu doesn’t appeal to us. I also think the veggie sandwich at The Plaza is pretty good.

Best meal I’ve had at WDW was Narcoossee’s last October. Cheese plate app and shrimp fettuccine entree were amazing. Service was outstanding–ask for Chevy.

Yak and Yeti (TS) - big fan. Tasty food and nice spot to relax/eat/enjoy a break

Cinderella’s Royal Table - something magic about being in the castle, food pretty good too
Liberty Tree Tavern - LOVE lunch and dinner!
Plaza Restaurant - good for a sit-down/need a break/sandwich with service

Narcoosee’s - very nice food, beautiful view!
Whispering Canyon - food is eh, but it’s fun

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@bswan26, on my very first trip to Disney we went with a man my dad had worked with. He had moved to Florida and became obsessed with Disney. He and his wife served as our personal tour guides. We went to the Saloon Show at Diamond Horseshoe and I have such good memories of it. He knew so many cast members and had the dancing girls really play it up with my brother. It was so fun. This man now has Alzheimer’s but every time I walk past the Diamond Horseshoe, I think about this very kind man who was my very first touring plan at Disney.