Are all 1 BR Villas at BCV the same size?

I have filled out my room request for 408 at the BCV. Idk if it is just the way the map on Room Finder is sketched, but 410 actually looks larger to me from the map. A little extra room for 4 people can mean a lot! Anyone know the answer?

Pretty sure they’re all identical in size. I’ve certainly never noticed a difference when we’ve stayed there, and the building was purpose built, so they didn’t have to fit around an existing structure. Usually this means the rooms are all exactly the same. Balconies are a different matter - some of them are definitely bigger than others!

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Hmm - AFAIK the 1BRs are all exactly the same size. However, I found another map, which also makes 410 look bigger than 408:

LOL I changed my request this morning to Room 410…just in case! :laughing:

I think the maps on TouringPlans are not to scale and don’t reflect even relative room sizes.

ETA: Besides, this is very unscientific of you. I mean, if you stay in room 410, how will you know if it is bigger or not? So, I suggest you book a second trip and stay in room 408 so that you can report back your findings.

If it helps, we stayed in 210 last trip and it was no bigger than the other BCV 1BRs we’ve stayed in… :slight_smile: