ARD Day approaching! What do you think of this order?

So my ADR day is approaching and I am looking for opinions of the order I am going to try and get them. We are going July 10 and will be a group of 10

July 10 Artist Point dinner
July 10 BOG 8AM
July 10 BOG 11:15ish
July 15 Golden Garden 8AM
July 15 Ohana dinner
July 11 HDDR 615
July 12 Tusker House ROL dining
July 16 Crystal Palace Lunch
July 13 Mama Melrose Fantasmic-depending on if they have it for dinner


On ADR day before reservations start, open a browser window for each reservation you want to get and have all your searches set up. Then when the clock strikes cycle through each window kicking off the searches. Then keep cycling through the windows as you go step by step through the process. This way you are getting them as simultaneously as possible as opposed to one at a time.


Hmmmm thats interesting. It doesnt slow anything down or cause their website to glitch?? It can be soooo touchy!

It doesn’t make it any more glitchy than it already is. And if one window glitches, the others are still running. :smiley: