The last time I went to AK was in 1999. I loved the It’s Tough to be a Bug show and was really looking forward to taking my kids to it when we go this Sept. My DS9 has arachnophia, like seriously, and I was remembering the ITTBABS having special effects that feels like bugs are crawling on you. I read somewhere recently that it’s spiders that are “crawling” on you. If you’ve seen the show recently, can you give me details of the show? My DS9 will absolutely freak if he thinks spiders are crawling on him. Thanks!

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I think I would skip it. The theatre goes dark and big spiders drop down from the ceiling so they are above your head. “Bugs” crawl under your bottom on the seats. There’s lots of kids crying during the show.

I say definitely skip it.

Do not go! My kids do not have arachnophobia and were freaked out!

don’t go - if he has a problem with spiders he will freak out in this show

Did it for the first time last trip. Did not like. Kids hated it. Won’t do again!

My dh was so freaked out by the bugs on a trip before we were married, that my 16yo and 12yo have never done the show. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

yyyyeah if you are… at all… arachnophobic… don’t do this one.

Like @DreamLaughImagine mentioned, they drop down from the ceiling, but that’s not really what makes them disturbing.

The creepy part is the room, which is dark, is filled with fog before they arrive and Hopper gives the command to drop down. Looking up into the fog, all you see is yellow dots glowing. As the fog dissipates, it reveals the source of the yellow eyes… to be black widows.

I don’t have a problem with spiders at all…and even I was a little unnerved.

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I love the show, but I would definitely NOT recommend it for an arachnophobe…

This is good to know. My wife has a debilitating fear of spiders (as in, almost caused an auto accident when one appeared on the windshield while driving, etc). I’ve never done this show, but considered doing it on our anniversary trip. I guess this puts it firmly in the “no way” category. :slight_smile:

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oh yes - you don’t want to risk it - I actually really like the show too - but you always hear kids screaming/crying - and perhaps some adults too.
They probably should make it clearer what it is like so people are prepared.
Spiders bother me a little, and I think the ones that drop down are so clearly fake that I don’t think anything of them.
However the part when it feels like bugs are crawling behind you can certainly throw people also :slight_smile:

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