Aquatica - May - 96 degrees - Midweek - Cabana Rental?

We are heading to Florida this Wednesday. The temperature is suppose to be 96 degrees. We are planning to go to Aquatica that day and head to MK later in the evening. Do I need to rent a cabana now or can I wait until we get there? What will the crowds be like mid-week in May during a 96 degree day? TIA

Not sure about the availability question. We splurged on a cabana a few years back at Aquatica, and it was one of the best decisions ever. It was in a private little alcove overlooking the wave pool. It was stocked with water, and had a paddle fan. It made the day so enjoyable to be able to come back and rest a while and get out of the heat! How long will you be there though? We were there an entire day, so the cost was justified.