April storms at WDW

Our trip is currently showing three days of thunderstorms, but we are still a couple weeks out from departure. Are Orlando spring storms pretty intermittent? Like you take shelter while it storms for 15 minutes and then it’s mostly over?

Also, is there a weather website that’s more trusted for Orlando than others? Something local maybe? I’m watching several different national ones and they’re all reporting pretty different.

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I asked on chat about April weather for my friend who goes on Thursday. I was told it doesn’t usually rain every day but when it does it can be all day/monsoon like. But can be and actually being aren’t necessarily the same thing!

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Weather Underground keeps historical weather data. For example:


You can look at various years around the same dates you are doing to see if there are any patterns.


The forecast is certainly not very accurate this far out. Heck, day-of it changes by the minute.

Plan on an afternoon passing storm each day and you’ll be pleasantly surprised if they don’t form.

We have found April to be a lovely month to visit, with very little sustained rainy days. Pack your poncho daily - don’t leave it on shore with your stroller while you go to Tom Sawyer Island, right @Jeff_AZ


I would wait until closer to your departure date to confirm the forecast.

Intermittent afternoon storms happen during the daily, summer seabreeze collisions. That goes on from June-ish thru September-ish. That is when you see those quick, afternoon downpours.

If rain is in the forecast this time of year, it is more likely to be similar to storms in other parts of the country.




April is actually one of the better months to go weather-wise, along with October and November…should be mid to high 80’s for high temps and mid to high 60’s for low temps on average…April is actually the second lowest average rainfall to only November (June/July/August are the 3 worst)

Also, WESH is the local NBC affiliate and the one i follow

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I live in FL (Pensacola) and 3-week out predictions are meaningless. Half the time the weekly forecast given on Monday changes by Wednesday and may actually be different by Friday. Also remember “rain” could be anything from a 10 minute sprinkle to an all-day soaker. A single rumble of thunder qualifies as a “thunderstorm”.

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Yep, more related with a moving system as opposed to those afternoon summer pop up storms.

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