April preliminary plan 1.0


The plan is coming together! We have booked Pop for April and got a great deal from MVT. The CL looks surprisingly good for Easter week with all the days at 5-6 level! All this week I've also received park opening time updates that are later, all 9 AM openings as of now! On our last trip we didn't see any of the nighttime events and this time we hope to catch all! Later opens will be nice. We have QS plan this time so will be trying lots of new places.

Heres my preliminary park days, any comments or suggestions would be great!

4/20 land MCO 12:30, MDE to Pop arrive around 3? Check out the room, explore, swim have dinner, sleep.

4/21 MK Im going to try and get PPO for BOG one of the 2 days were there, See Easter parade.

4/22 EP be there for RD and concentrate on future world, much of which we missed last time.

4/23 HS hopefully get FPP for SDD, either way go to TSL right away. Now that DD5 is 40 inches she can go on many more rides, she says she wants to try ToT with me, my wife and MiL likely wont lol.

4/24 sleep in day, relax at resort and swim, maybe eat lunch at AoA then bus over to EP by 2 or so. Have FPP for FEA hopefully this day. Via Napoli for dinner as we love pizza!

4/25 MK part 2, BOG possibly otherwise RD frontierland this time.

4/26 AK is last park day to hopefully get FP for FOP. Eat at Satuli and Flame Tree?

4/27 sleep in then check out around 11 and bus back to MCO.

ADR day is next Monday so I hope it goes well, getting so excited, wish we didn't have 6 months to wait !


Your plan sounds great, while I love table service meals, the flexibility that comes with counter service is priceless


Love your plan! Can’t wait to hear more about it as you continue to plan. Keep us updated!


Thanks, I will update as I go along. ADR day is bright and early on Monday at 0500 Central time. All I’m really hoping to grab would be PPO for Be our Guest either day we go to MK. How essential is it to be online right at 0500 or is calling better. I’m supposed to be driving to work at that time unless I shuffle things around.


ADR day update!
At 05:00 this morning my ADR window opened and I had great success! Granted the only one(s) I needed that may be difficult to get were PPO for BOG but I got them. So my ADRs are as follows:
4/21 BOG 08:00, BOG 14:25
4/22 Via Napoli 18:10
4/24 Via Napoli 18:10
4/25 BOG 08:00, 14:25
Now, I know i have some repeats but figured it’s better to just get some reserved and go from there and tinker with the times. We wanted the latest possible BOG lunch which seemed to be 14:25 so I have those for now. Getting excited!