April Memory Maker Share

I am interested in sharing memory maker for April. Not sure of the time requirements, but my trip is from Apr 13 - 20. Any one else interested? We can divide the cost of one MM between us.

There April 8 - 15.

Did some research. Doesn’t seem difficult. Below is from another blogger (the link is no longer valid). To test it out, I set up a ghost MDE account and then invited my real account to it. I also looked into paypal and found that it does have options to pay or request payment through email. I do have a paypal account, but it states you don’t necessarily need one. I can run point on this unless someone else is interested in doing so.

Looks like we would have 45 days to download our family photos. So anywhere from April 8th to early May would work. Any one else interested? 2 families is good but 4 would be ideal ($75/family vs $37/family).

From another blogger:
"This is exactly how I did it… It took me 2 days to get 4 families. Very easy.
The basics:

  1. Set up a Ghost MDE account & buy MM, invite yourself…your “real” MDE as a friend.
  2. Find other families & give them the login info for the ghost account, so they can connect their family/friends.
  3. Get reimbursed on PayPal.
  4. Upload all the pics of your family from the Ghost Account within 45 days.
    It works. It’s easy."

I’d be interested, I’m there 4/25-5/2 if that time frame works!

I’ll take the fourth spot. I’ll be there April 20-25

Looks like we have four if you are all on board. How does this sound to you? I’ll take the point (unless someone else wants it). Send me an email (ctbrads@aol.com) with your first and last names and emails (as listed in your MDE accounts). This info is needed to add you to the ghost MDE account as friends/family. When I linked my own account to the ghost earlier this morning, I first used my name, and then later was able to link my wife and kids. You will be able to do the same.

Once everyone is linked and verified, I will purchase the $149 memory maker. After you verify MM has been purchased, you can send me $37 ($149/4 families) via PayPal. In turn, I will give you access to the ghost account (though you should not need it to gain access to your family pictures if your account is linked).

Any questions or ideas (I’m new at this too)?

worth a try…:slight_smile:

Is there room for one more?

see above. Send your name and email to ctbrads

There should be room. I included you in the initial 4. Do you want to add another family? Just send the info requested above to my email address and we will go from there.

I had been looking for people to do a share with and couldn’t find anyone before. If no one has purchased the memory maker yet maybe I could join and be the point person since I already bought mine. I go April 19-24. If not that’s totally fine I just thought I’d throw that out there.

@missdisney121–Thanks for the offer but we are already set up and Memory Maker has been purchased. You may find other interested April/May families by start a new thread.

check with teri037

I visited Disney on 6th May and interested in the share. is it available?