April hotel decision - Swan vs Pop vs CS split stay vs?

So I’ve planned what feels like a very last minute trip for my family from 4/17-4/24. 2 adults, 2 kids 11 and 14 who will not share a bed. My husband is not a Disney enthusiast, so he’ll likely only come to the parks for for a few hours a day and then head back to the resort. So on site is really the best option for us. Would love to be on Crescent Lake for walkability to HS and Epcot. I currently have a Swan alcove room booked which is $338 a night with all the fees. Has a sleep sofa for the kids (one on the sleep sofa, one on a “bed” made from the sofa cushions). It’s 500 square feet, so seems ideal to have all that room. (We’re not so sure about inside dining at this point, so I envision a fair number of take out meals in our room.) But I’m also intrigued about the Hotwire options for Pop or CS. Could get 2 rooms at Pop for under $250/night total which would give us plenty of room and 2 bathrooms. Not as simple to get to HS/Epcot but at least on the Skyliner. However, I understand no guarantee we would get connecting rooms. I’m also thinking doing the 1st night or 2 at CS and just focus on AK/MK those days. Would need to figure out a 3rd sleeping surface (anyone know if an inflatable mattress would fit)? It would get us DME on arrival day and I really want to eat at Three Bridges. Thoughts?

I stayed in a cabana room at CS for a night and the room is quite large. You could get an air mattress on the floor in there for sure. I think the Hotwire deals will be for a cabana room - at least mine was. I requested a room near the Dig Site pool (main pool) and while I didn’t get the room I requested, was in the same building. It was super convenient for the pool which is amazing with that big pyramid! And it wasn’t that far from Three Bridges either. The down side is the room smelled like a hotel/motel room. It was like walking into a best western (smell wise) and that was a bummer. But the room itself was lovely fairly spacious. Of course it was just me in there by myself.

Can you clear something up for me? Does Three Bridges take reservations?

I don’t believe so. I just walked up and sat at the bar (I was by myself) and a table at a separate time. I think if it’s busy, you can get on a list where they’ll text you when they have a table. You can also order to go.

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Thank you! My husband and I would love to go there for drinks and appetizers during our trip in late April.

If you are on property, you can use the app to get on the waitlist.
After park closing, the wait for Three Bridges can get over an hour long.

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Pop and CS are entirely different experiences.
Pop is more compact, more people in closer proximity and higher energy level

CS is a large sprawling complex, much more laid back and relaxed.

We tend to only pick Pop for a long weekend stay and the skyliner. But at park opening for HS and EPCOT, the skyliner has very long lines at every station. So at Pop you wait in a long line, go to the hub, and wait in another long line. Any other time of the day, skyliner is great. Epcot closing on the weekends is not ideal for skyliner travel either.

Thanks - very helpful!

Ooh, I thought of an important question. If we start at CS, will they transfer our luggage to Swan? I’ve done a split stay before, but between two Disney owned hotels.

I really liked CS in January and my room didn’t smell like a motel room at all. I did the hotwire deal and was in Casitas very close to Bus Stop 2 (which is the first stop so you don’t ever get passed by a bus like we did for Bus Stop 1 at the Tower). The resort is beautiful and I had no issues with the bus whatsoever. There were always two back to back DHS buses and one of everything else about every 10-20 minutes in the morning. The first bus came about 75 min before opening the day I rope dropped and I was the first in line for FEA in Epcot and second in line at my turnstile for Epcot itself. For three bridges there is a bar code you scan to get on the waitlist but if you get there early there is no wait. The food was great and the ambience lovely. I enjoyed the outdoor seating area of the rooftop bar in the Tower as well. However, if I had the choice b/w an Epcot resort and CSR I’d choose the Epcot resort. I really love that area…it’s my favorite.

epcot is closing on the weekends???

They meant when Epcot closes the line for the skyline is awful on the weekends

Got it! Thanks!

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I read it that way too at first but that didn’t make sense :slight_smile: