April Crowds

We are going the 3rd week of April and trying to choose park dates. I’m wondering why Thurs/Fri are have higher numbers than even the weekend. I thought the trend was for more crowds on the weekends??

My guess is that those numbers are still reflecting the traditional dates for Star Wars Race weekend?

And rolling spring break dates?

Easter is early this year. It is MA, RI, ME, VT(?) and then NH joins that weekend but without NY or Passover/Easter it should be a lighter year.

I had been looking at that week for a few years. I had a reservation and a dream of waking up at the BWV, sitting on my balcony on my 60th…I let that one go a long time ago.


I wouldn’t worry about this yet, it could just be meaningless. In the mean time, keep your eye on actual recent crowd levels through January to help give you an idea of which park/what day to schedule:

Also, watch out for the latest crowd calendar update. There will probably be an adjustment to April’s numbers by mid February.

During these covid times, some weekends are not bad at all. AK and HS seem to be the best parks for weekends. Now Universal is another story.

Thanks, that makes sense. I’ll continue to track these days and watch for updates Universal will definitely be a weekday!