April 4th - 8th 2022

I continue to waver on taking the family to Disney the above-referenced week. Between Covid and Genie horror stories, just not sure whether or not to pull the trigger.

One of the bright spots of these dates is the low crowd levels. It is after college Spring Break and a couple weeks before Easter. My concern is that Disney’s highest priced tickets in April are over these dates…as high as the week leading up to Easter and more expensive than the week after. Last time I checked, Disney knows how to squeeze a dollar when they can get it. Think TP is way off on their predictions? Other sites seem to mirror the lighter crowds prediction outside of UT which has heavy crowds. Truly, crowd levels of 1 to 3 between the parks predicted that week before the masses arrive the following weekend leading up to Easter. I want to reiterate these dates are not the week prior to or after Easter.


I honestly think that most weeks are going to be busy over the next 6 months at least. I don’t expect to see any actual crowd levels of 1; 3 would be rare. I’m expecting more of an average of 5-6 daily with surges around the usual peak points. I would guess that your dates would be those 5-6s; with Spring Break behind and Easter yet to come, you’d likely see the fewest guests visiting. But if any week gets to a 1 or even a 3 before June I will be shocked.

Adding: this is pure guesswork on my part. I don’t have any super awesome algorithms like TP or others to calculate this out. I’m going based on resort availability and anecdotal information about when people are visiting. Which is all the time in 2022.


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I tend to skew towards disney itself when trying to determine crowd levels. If compared to other weeks in the year the DVC points charts for that week are high, and the cash rates for hotel rooms are high and ticket prices are high, they expect it to be crowded and they’re trying to deter me from going. I choose to believe them.


My plan is to be there in early May 2022.
While I’m hoping that Crowd Levels will be relatively low, I’m trying to convince myself to think of things like a street party or concert where being in the crowd is a positive part of the experience.
Surrounded by excited people celebrating and get that “wow, what a great turn out” vibe

At least, that’s how I’m trying to manage my expectations.


Folks who went in the early days after reopening were saying sometimes that it didn’t feel “Disney” with so few people around, so I do think that’s a part of it provided it’s not insane

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Insane was July 17, 1955, the day DL first opened.
But wouldn’t you travel back to be there if you could?


Women’s rights have come such a long way since then…

But maybe just for the day if I wouldn’t have to wear a dress and heels.


Definitely avoid heels, seems a lot of ladies got theirs stuck in the new pavement that day.

But you could be a trend setter: Laura Petrie before Laura Petrie

Or what if I went back just as a kid. I’d like that a whole lot!

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Right now we have a room may 4-8! Not entirely sure we will keep it though

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