April 21st-28th 2019 memory maker share

When my family and I went to Disneyworld 4 years ago we shared a memory maker with 3 other families and I was really impressed! I would like to share a memory maker package again for our April 21st-28th 2019 trip. Please contact me if interested or know of others already looking for another family to share with.

Hi! We are arriving April 27th and would be interested !

I don’t know how it works or if my dates would work to be on the front end of the share - April 7-11. I would be interested, though.

I would possibly be interested as well. My dates are 3/29 to 4/6

I am interested in a share. I am willing to lead if others don’t want to. My dates are April 3-8.

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I want to tag @oddball, who was inquiring about a share in the spring as well.

I will be at the parks from April 6-11. I don’t know how this all works, can someone explain?

Thank you so much @Incredible_Family! I would love to join your share. Let me know how to proceed. My trip is 3/22-4/1.

I will gather around 5 families to share who all have close travel dates. Everyone will pay their portion of share. (Likely 1/5 of cost). We will all link up on a dummy account and have access to pictures. We can download after the last person’s trip.

Well that sounds awesome. If my dates work then I would be happy to join!

Great! I’ll start making tallies to keep our share under 25. How many in your party? I will start a private forum message when I gather enough families. :slight_smile:

3 in my party :grinning:

Yes, your dates are are perfect. How many in your party? :slight_smile:

Thanks!! I’ve got you down. :slight_smile:

There are 4 in my party. Thanks so much for organizing this!

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I am going to be there April 7-11, if I can join up.

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We may have space. :slight_smile:

How many in your party?

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Thanks, I think we have room but let me get a final tally. Disney only permits 25 to be on MM.

I’m in! Thanks again and let me know how to pay you!