April 2018

Any thoughts on April 2018 at DLR? Planning for second half of month, after spring breaks and Easter are over. Food & Wine is @ DCA until around 4/12 I think but that isn’t a priority for us, would rather miss higher crowds. Planning on 4 days mid-week…

You may get some residual spring breakers, but I doubt very many. I think you will be fine. I don’t think the food and wine at DCA is as popular as the Epcot version. I would just be mindful of weekends and after 5. The local pass holders may make use of the festival for dinner. Maybe start at DCA and then hop over to DL. I think your timing will be spot on because you will be missing the grad night crowd in May.

I think so too! We’re planning Monday - Friday (departing Friday) so I’m hoping the timing will work out well!

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One thing I completely forgot is Pixar fest. It starts April 13. I think that may have a bigger effect on crowds than FW festival.

I was wondering about that myself. Most people I’ve talked to don’t think it’ll have much of a weekday impact, that’s what I’m hoping. Paint the Night is back that week right??? I was so sad we missed it in August!

There’s a lot of potential to impact crowds & turn it into a high crowd time, even without school being out. There’s Food & Wine and Pixar Fest which does include the return of Paint the Night to DCA, but there’s also, Passholder non-blockouts, SoCal resident discount tickets (2 & 3 day multi-tickets), and unannounced school groups usually middle school & highs school choirs, bands, teams, etc. that come for a spring trip outside of Spring Break.

Last year when there was the return of favorites Main Street Electrical Parade and Remember Dreams Come True Fireworks combined with the SoCal resident discounted tickets (only 3 day option), there were a lot of unexpectedly busy days. I would look at the crowd calender actuals from last year for the same week you’re planning on, to give you a better idea of what to expect this year.

That said, the weather in Spring in SoCal is just about as blissfully perfect as it can get and even when busy you can see & do so much by getting to the park early for rope drop, using MaxPass and having an agenda or plan of what you want to see & do.

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