April 2016 Crowd Predictions and EMH

General advice from most planning sites is to avoid parks with EMH. For the week of April 9, Wednesday has the lowest Magic Kingdom crowd rating (5) of any day that week (Tuesday and Thursday are higher), but it has evening EMH. Other websites are saying to avoid Magic Kingdom on Wednesday. Any thoughts on why that might be? I made my ADRs yesterday, so no going back now, but I wonder if this is accurate or if I should prepare myself for much larger crowds.

I do not believe sites that say “avoid Park X” on Tuesday - that advice is so general it must be useless.

The advice for EMH parks is usually to avoid them IF you are not going to make good use of them, especially mEMH.

The best thing to remember is that having a good TP is 5 times more important than picking the right park.

Oh yes, indeed, there are several sites that suggest parks to avoid on different days. And I understand the advice about avoiding parks unless you plan to use the EMH. My question is about the crowd predictions. Seems odd that the day MK has evening EMH is the lowest crowd level of the week. I was hoping somebody could help with that question. But thanks.

I looked at my reply and realized that I may have been a little unclear. There are sites that say avoid MK on Wednesday (any Wednesday) - these are the sites I doubt. The ones that say avoid MK on Wed Oct 14 are more reasonable.

I guess I don’t find it odd for 2 reasons. First, EMH are primarily a crowd management tool for WDW, which allows them to encourage people to go to a park that would otherwise be less crowded than another park, so you would expect EMH to be assigned to a relatively less crowded park. Second, EMH merely make a park more crowded than it would have been without EMH, so if the day in question would have been the lowest day of the week by a significant amount, then with EMH it would still be the lowest day but bully less of a margin.

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