April 13th one day to MK Need itenirary and FP help. 30 day window is tomorrow

Doing a split trip 4/8-4/15… DD 13.11.8 DS 6 Will have to do storytime with Belle, Cinderella, Mickey, May be able to skip Rapunzal (Character breakfast 4/11). We will do 7D first. What should my fp priorities be? Does Belle get very crowded still? It is rated as a crowd level 7 with hours 9-10. Would love itinerary suggestions. We will try to do as much as possible as older two like the bigger rides. Younger two will do BTR but not space. Thanks for your help.

Universal 4/9,12,14
HS 4/10
MK 4/13

i would work up a TP to see what FP are realistically needed for the day in question.
You might luck out and get a 7DMT FP.
If you hit Space, BTMR, Splash early in the day, you won’t need a fast pass.
I always spend more than 1 day in MK. It’s really, really hard for me to just pick 3 FP.

Thanks. I was not impressed with the TPs that came up. Pretty certain there will be no 7dmt fp. We almost did 2 days of Mk just so we would not have to rush but kids love HS. Thanks.

i think the challenge here is that there are so many FP enabled attractions at MK that it is hard to pick 3 for a stranger.
my 3 would be Jungle Cruise, a princess, 7DMT or PP. But, for someone else those 3 would be Space, Splash, BTMR.