April 13-19 Spring Break Trip Report

Hello, long-time lurker, first time poster…I am one of those 2020 pushed back trips you keep hearing about. We had a 10-day trip scheduled for April 2020, but I think we all know how that went! I optimistically rebooked for November, but without vaccines available, we put it off until this year. My niece was living with my parents at the time of the original trip and they didn’t care if she missed some school, however by 2022, she was living with my brother again and he was not okay with her missing school. ALSO, her district gave her 3 days for spring break, criminal! I begged my brother to give us at least 2 days and he agreed, so I got to work scouring forums and reading up on how to plan an epically PACKED trip in a short amount of time.

I can’t lie, I felt like in preparation or the 2020 trip, I had studied for a test that no longer existed. None of the things I had learned about FastPass or reservations mattered. It was tough because it really felt like folks were just getting the hang of LL and Genie+, so the info was kind of mixed as I prepared. Thanks to the WDW reddit and Touring Plans Forums and Touring Plans videos, I got myself ready and planned this trip that I’m about to walk you through. I feel like this trip report is my way of giving back, since I hungrily ate up other people’s reports to get an idea of how things would go for us.

I want to say at the top, YES, we went during Spring Break and, YES, it was crowded BUT the stories I read online made me think it was going to be way worse than it actually was. I’m from NJ, I was expecting “leaving Wrestlemania” crowded, “New York Comic Con” crowded, or even “Times Square on a sunny day” crowded. It was not like that at all! I had no point of reference; the last time I had been to Disney I was 13 and I don’t remember it super well. I share it because I don’t want you to be scared, book that Spring Break trip! You will be fine!

Here’s our cast of characters: Me (the mom), My husband (the dad), our daughter (8), and our niece (14)

Day 1
Since we had an early flight, I had picked my niece up after school so that she could spend the night at our house. I had made a TSA appointment, but it was totally unnecessary because the place was dead. The girls were excited, but also looked like they wanted to murder me for taking 6am photos of them. The flight wasn’t too long from Newark to Orlando, I started a new book and the girls dozed off while watching the in-flight movies. I had managed to connect to JetBlue’s wifi and made reservations for Remy’s and Frozen Ever After, which were the two “must-dos” for the kids, so I was feeling pretty good about myself. We claimed our luggage and headed to Mears. We paid for the express, so it went straight to POP Century.

I had no illusions about our room being ready at 9:30 in the morning. We booked a preferred room and had done a room request through Touring Plans, but it felt a little out of context for me, it didn’t seem like there was really “good” or “bad” spot to be in. We got online and I figured we could check in, drop off luggage, and get over to Epcot. The cast member at the front desk was so sweet and helpful and had a room for us! She even declared all of us “First Time Visitors” even though my husband and I had been to WDW as kids, she said enough time had gone by that it was like out first time. Wear those buttons my friends, people notice them! Funny enough, it met all of the requirements I had asked for: top floor, facing the courtyard, no pool noise, and it was on the corner so we only had one neighbor. Easy access to both pools, laundry, Main Hall, and Skyliner. Of course I said yes! The cast member also made sure our magic bands from the canceled 2020 trip were set up and working. On our way over, we saw Goofy and Donald paling around behind some hedges and the girls shrieked and stopped to take pictures…what a welcome!! Then we lugged our stuff upstairs…should have used the elevator, lesson learned. If I ever get to do this again, I’d tell everyone to pack less…four people with all of this stuff, filled up that little room FAST. It was a good thing we weren’t hanging out there too much. We decided to grab some Mickey waffles and coffee from the food court so that no one was hangry before we left.

We walked to the Skyliner, it was really fun and exciting for all of us to soar through the air. I pointed out other hotels and sights, hey I researched everything, may as well play tour guide. Epcot was SO beautiful for Flower and Garden, we got our first of many photopass photos, and headed over to France. We walked around France since we had arrived earlier than I had anticipated while on the plane. We saw Princess Aurora right away…which was such a Godsend because when I had asked my daughter which character she was most excited to meet, she said Princess Aurora and I was like, “where the heck am I gonna find her??” and there she was, like she’d been waiting for us! I was beginning to get suspicious of just how well everything was going for us.

We still had time to kill, so we headed over to Japan. Our niece was OBSESSED with Japan, it was hard to peel her away. She picked up a conical hat (I’m not sure what they are actually called) that became her go-to for most of the trip. The poor thing said, “I better save my money for food!” I was like…uhhh, you know we’re feeding you, right?” Kids! All the while, we really worked the photopass thing, since we had memory maker I intended to get as many awesome family photos as possible.

We wandered back to France and I realized we had enough time to go into the Beauty and the Beast sing along, we had our masks on, but not everyone did. The whole room was singing, which was delightful! After the show, we walked onto Remy’s with our ILL, I realized as we were walking in that our daughter had never seen Ratatouille and zero clue what was going on, it didn’t stop her from enjoying it though. I have to say, I adored that ride, so many fun surprises throughout the experience. It was great first ride and the photopass in front of the fountain is a can’t miss, I love those pictures so much!

When we exited, Belle was now behind the hedges and greeting guests, so we stopped by to see her before walking over Germany for some snacks, I had a pretzel with cheese that was very good, my niece had a very complicated looking strudel that she attempted to eat standing up. We had some time before our FEA LL, so we got in line to meet Elsa and Anna, posted wait time was 30 minutes, but it was more like 15. We still had a little time, so we got mickey ice creams for everyone and took a rest from all the walking around. Frozen Ever After was another really fun ride, my daughter had seen YouTube video about it and was obsessed, so I was really glad to make it happen for her (she really didn’t like the small drop at the end, but recovered quickly from the surprise.) There wasn’t much by way of LL options, so I grabbed Mission Space Orange for myself and my niece and Green for my husband (he gets motion sick) and our daughter.

The girls saw the pyramid in Mexico and begged to go inside, both of their eyes lit up! They said “Look! It’s like Coco!!” and were absolutely enchanted by the whole vibe. My daughter insists that next time, we need to eat at the restaurant (San Agel??) in there. I was trying to get us around the lake, but the girls begged to get on the Gran Fiesta Tour, there was only a 10-minute wait, so it wasn’t too bad. They both love Donald Duck because my Dad (their grandpa) does an excellent Donald impression, so that was really fun for them.

Mission Space was surprisingly intense, the pressure is no joke! My niece and I had such a good time on that ride, but when I got off we saw a Dad and his son being ushered away by a cast member before they threw up on the walkway….like I said, no joke! After we had scanned in, I scooped another LL for Spaceship Earth, so we headed there next. Everyone liked that ride, especially my daughter who kept asking to go into the “Epcot Ball”. For some reason, the camera did not pick up my husband’s face for the postcard, he was just a weird, hilarious shape. We stopped by Club Cool, my two favorite flavors were directly next to each other (BonBon Anglais and Country Club), it was such a nice little place stop. As we walked around England and Canada, I had placed an Instacart order and then we headed back. I accidentally ordered too much stuff, as is my usual way, we had dinner in our hotel room and watched Ratatouille to get my daughter up to speed on what the ride was all about. I gave both of the girls their own Disney reward redemption cards; I had been saving up points with my credit card for a while and I was excited to let them have their own “money”. I held onto my daughter’s and our niece kept hers in her wallet. I told them this way they could buy what they wanted without having to ask or any judgement from the grown-ups, the only thing they would get told “no” as far as shopping went was only if they asked for something we couldn’t fit in our luggage. The girls were thrilled! I recommend this approach if you can do it. I had other money given to me by two of our relatives, but I had a feeling I should hang onto and see how quickly they spent this first card. Everyone slept the sleep of the dead…except for me! My mind was racing, tomorrow I had to get up early and grab those reservations!

Day 2

I was up at 6:45 a.m. and snagged 7 Dwarves for myself and the teen and Peter Pan for all of us. I tried to lay back down, but my brain had too many tabs open, so I laid around until it was an okay time to make coffee. We had breakfast in our room (instant oatmeal, coffee, fruit) and got ourselves together for the day ahead. Our niece had to cutest mickey ears from the movie Up! I slathered everyone in sunscreen and we got in line for the bus. Even with all the time we had to get ready, leaving the house with a teen is a real chore! We arrive at MK at 11:00 a.m., with an 11:30 Be Our Guest reservation, after going through security, I unfortunately had to drag my family through Main Street, the girls new gift cards were burning holes in their pockets, but I had to put my foot down and let them know we’d come back. We caught a glimpse of Cinderella’s step sisters and then made our way through Fantasyland, up to the restaurant. BoG is so beautiful! We had a very sweet waiter and the pre-fixe was great… the adults had mimosas, I had scallops and French onion soup. It was a lot of food, especially the kid meal. Dessert was such a treat; I finally had some gray stuff! Our 8-year-old very studiously painted her “Chip” and then refused to eat any of the dessert. The Beast came our way twice while we ate. We were in the side dining room, the non-spooky room (lol) Although, we did visit the enchanted rose, it was worth a photo, but I was glad to not dine with constant lightning and thunder. After we ate, I, of course, insisted on the photopass in front of BoG.

We got on Prince Charming’s Carousel since there was no one on line, the whole family hopped on horses and had a blast. Then we all attempted to pull the sword out of the stone (no chosen one in our group, but we got great pictures!) Then we popped into Mickey’s Philharmagic, we all were surprised by how much we liked it! We had no idea what to expect and it was such a cool experience, I love immersive rides and shows. We noticed there wasn’t much of a line to meet Tiana and Rapunzel, so we had a socially distanced meet and greet before heading over to Peter Pan’s Flight. The girls loved meeting the princesses, my daughter made me get in the photo with Tiana because I am a “big fan” as she told her.

Peter Pan is such a magical ride, I always desperately wished that Peter Pan would come take me away as a kid, so I guess this ride is as close as I’ll ever get! My daughter was tickled by the cast member “sprinkling pixie dust” before we took off, it’s the little things. I had snagged a Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh when our window had opened earlier, so we went there next. I like to think I pay attention fairly well, but I found myself thinking after a certain point on that ride, “wtf is happening? I do not understand this story at all. Oh hello, this might be an acid trip.” The kids LOVED it, so I kept my confusion to myself while my daughter bought a stuffed animal who she still keeps calling “Winnie the Pooch” and I will not correct her, because it’s adorable.

At this point, it was time for Seven Dwarves Mine Train, the 8-year-old was offended to not go on, but I know she would have cried. So, I sent her and her Daddy to get ice cream from Storybook Treats. 7DMT is definitely fun, I screamed the entire time, I am 100% that person on rides and haunted house attractions…I bring the fun loll The ILL went so fast, that my niece and I had finished the ride before they had even sat down with their treats. I quickly grabbed a dwarf of the day cone for my niece and the Snow White lemon dole whip for myself, we hung out for a bit and then reapplied sunscreen. It might not come through in this trip report, but we paused often to refill water bottles, stop at rest rooms, and reapply sunscreen. It’s not glamorous, but I feel like I know all the spots now to take care of basic needs.

I had a LL for Mad Tea Party (minus my husband, he laid down somewhere), it is such a classic ride, you must do it if you can! After we had scanned in, I saw Jungle Cruise and jumped on it….only to have the time change to 10:15pm, ugh!!! I had no plans on being on JC at 10:15pm, what a waste (or so I thought!) I sent the kids over to Tomorrowland Speedway so I could sit around with my husband, my niece was like, “Wait, I get to drive???” and I said, “Yep! Make good choices! See you over here when you’re done!” I don’t think they were super impressed with that ride, but the wait wasn’t long, even if it’s a little smelly.

I had a LL for Dumbo next, so we made our way over for this other iconic ride. You really must do it if you can! After the ride, we went into the shop/bakery nearby that is shaped like a tent. The girls began their pin trading obsession in earnest here, they had pins and lanyards we had bought them, but they pursued the options to buy while I walked around and then traded at the register. As I was walking a cast member called out to me, “Hi! Are you with a family?” I said I was I and she asked if any of us had nut allergies, no one did, so she gave us HUGE mickey shaped cookie! One of the ears broke off, but she assured me it was still delicious and it was! We took a little break to munch on the cookie before heading over the see the 50th Stage Show in front of the castle. I feel like we maybe got caught in a parade here, it was one of those things that just kept happening to us. Don’t be me, check parade times if you need to get somewhere.

We had a LL for Pirates of the Caribbean, but had a little time to kill. The girls bought ornaments from Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe and I couldn’t resist putting in a custom order. Remember this…it becomes a problem later on. POC is a ride I remember clearly from my visit when I was a kid, the scene with the dog…classic! I love that the pirate is getting chased by a lady instead of the other way around these days and Jack Sparrow is a fun addition. After the ride, my child wanted the PoC playset, it was first and only things I vetoed, it just wasn’t going to fit. She is STILL pining for it, but it doesn’t seem to be for sale other than at a really jacked up price on eBay. She did, however, get a sword, which is amazing and I encourage this behavior.

We walked away from Pirates, sword in hand and were approached by two Jungle Cruise skippers, Chase and Emily. They noticed our First Visit pins and asked if we had gone on JC yet, I said no. They asked if we would like to and we all got so excited! They gave the girls little cards and brought us to the front of the line. I could not believe our luck!! We loved JC, my husband is a big fan of Dad jokes and puns, so he was among his people. We popped into the Enchanted Tiki Room after, I know it is older, but it is so delightful! Also, it was very nice to sit for a moment before heading back by Tomorrowland. We had reservations for the Pre-fireworks Dessert Party, at first, we stood in the wrong line…ugh! But eventually we got settled, the girls could not believe their eyes. They loaded up their plates with crepes and snacks, while the grown-ups had adult beverages. I pulled out our glow sticks, my daughter’s 2020 (lol) light up mickey lanyard, and I had bought LED hair scrunchies. We all got in on the scrunchie action, including my husband, to the delight of the bartender.

We parked ourselves on the grass and the fireworks began, it was then that I received the text that my custom ornament was ready. I wish I could say what I thought of the fireworks because all of the sudden the skies opened up. We put on our rain ponchos, like many other people did, but then the lightning came….and the rain turned to an absolute downpour. You could barely see! That’s when I realized I still need to get the darn ornament! This was the only time the entire trip the 8-year-old cried, but in her defense, I would have cried too. She tucked Winnie the Pooch under her poncho, but it still got fairly soaked. I had to drag the entire family back to the ornament shop, which was packed with people trying to wait it out. Narrator voice: There was no waiting it out. Funny enough, the fireworks were still going AND you could see them even with the storm, but it was hard to enjoy them at the moment. The rain was not easing up or stopping, even with the scary lighting, I knew we had to get out of there because my daughter was on the verge of a total meltdown, she was already pretty hysterical. We made our way, soaked, and squishy back to the bus. It was a miserable wait and bus ride back, but a kind person gave up their seat for my daughter and talked to her about their Disney cruise to distract her. Bless you Disney Cruiser from DC, you are a very nice person. We got in late, but everyone still took a hot shower before hitting the sheets. Pooh got the hair dryer and all was well.

Day 3 HS

Family groaned at the early wake up call for our Hollywood Studios Day. Since none of them have done any research, they did not understand why I needed us up so early. I had already scored Rise of the Resistance and Alien Swirling Saucers (I panicked because there was nothing else available, I probably should have held out.) Honestly, I got a better RoR time at 7:11, not right at 7:00, I didn’t love the initial times, so I had checked back. We had breakfast in our room and went to the Skyliner. We did not make it for rope drop or much of early entry for resort guests, much to my dismay. My family was in shock at the non-resort guest line that was building up already, we did get in slightly ahead of non-resort guests, but not by much. We beelined for Tower of Terror (the one MUST DO of all of the parks for the teen.) Only one elevator was running, so the wait time was killer. I screamed like a baby on that ride, the photopass picture is amazing. The 8-year-old HATED it. She was shaking uncontrollably after and could only feel better by buying a pin and a donut (a Joffery’s is conveniently located outside the exit for just such emergencies lol). A very sweet cast member gave her a pin that said “For Being Simply the Best”, yesssss, thank you Tina Turner! Then we did more fun photo pass stuff and I discovered that 10:15 p.m. Jungle Cruise LL frome that day before was converted to an anytime LL because of the thunderstorm (whaaaat???), so we rode Minnie and Mickey’s Runaway Railway. This was handsdown, one of the coolest rides, my daughter’s mind was blown. You go INSIDE a cartoon!!! She has now declared her purpose in life to get a job working for that ride, it was her favorite ride of all of the parks.

We went on Alien Swirling Saucers, my husband did okay-ish on that one, he was taking Dramamine every day to combat his motion sickness, but that ride tested him a bit. After that ride, we made our way over to SciFi Drive In for lunch. This restaurant was a request of my niece and it is such a fun theme! Sitting in a car, feeling like you’re outside, with cheesy old movies playing….was everything! We had so much food: burgers, fries, onion rings, MILKSHAKES. I enjoyed all of my food and some of my daughter’s as well! With our bellies full, we did another bathroom/water refill/sunscreen reapplication pit stop and then walked over to Muppets 3D. We had a LL, but it was kind of unnecessary. While in pre-show lobby, I got a LL to meet Olaf, who had a bit a of line, so that was nice to skip. We are big Olaf fans, I wish we could have hugged him!

It was finally time for Rise of the Resistance, the big one I had been waiting for as a Star Wars kid of the 80’s. It was amazing…until my kid started whining that she had to go to the bathroom. As we walked past the stormtroopers she was like “are we leaving so I can POOP?” The ride was very cool and I had asked her if she needed go before we went in, but lesson learned: next time, just make her go!

We had a LL for Toy Story Mania, we are a competitive bunch, so that was super fun! It was our last ride, as clouds were gathering, but we did stop to buy balloons (and Easter balloon and a BB8). The Skyliner stopped running halfway home, so we grabbed an uber from CBR because the bus was taking forever and there was thunder on the horizon. We ate dinner at the room and had a little pool time after the storm cleared.

Day 4

Couldn’t sleep in, so I did some laundry and hung around the hotel. We have friends that live in Florida, so we agreed to meet up at Disney Springs. There were protestors who thought they were blocking the entrance to Disney (somehow?), but it didn’t stop our Uber. Our first stop was Star Wars Outpost where I got very cool, shiny gift cards for the girls because they had already mostly blown through their first gift card. Then Days of Christmas, I think we have an ornament addiction! Our friend got into the virtual queue at Gideon’s and by the time we met up, it was our turn. Gideon’s is super small, but totally a vibe. The cookie that month involved chocolate and coconut, so I was like, “say no more, I want it!” Delicious! We had lunch at Earl of Sandwich where we sharked out a table for all 7 of us. We walked around, spent way too much time in the Lego Store, and then headed to the world’s most anxiety producing Disney Store aka World of Disney. I barely survived, but I did get a sweet Tiki Room apron. Wound up in another Star Wars store and got my newest favorite shirt and my kiddo blew her gift card on a Darth Vader toy. One our way out, we hit up the Photopass studio, the photographer was so nice. He taught the girls how to check their pins to see what parks they came from, we discovered a pin my daughter had traded for had come from Hong Kong, she felt very cool! Our photos were super cute too!

Back to Pop to relax, snack, shower and then Ubered to Wilderness Lodge. We had so much fun checking out that resort, my husband is definitely in love with that place. Mister “We are going to Disney ONE TIME” suddenly said, “Next time we go to Disney, we should stay here.” I was floored! Storybook Dining was worth it just for the Evil Queen, our niece was entranced by her evilness (at 14 she is firmly part of the Descendants generation of Disney, it’s Good to be Bad after all!) We all took socially distant photos with Snow White, Dopey, Grumpy, and Evil Queen. I actually liked all of the food and everyone had a great time, I highly recommend. The we called an Uber home, got the girls to bed (our kiddo would not go to sleep at first!), and had to prep Easter candy in the bathroom because the bunny was coming the next morning. Let me tell you, that was tough, if you find yourself preparing eggs and baskets in the bathroom, do yourself a favor and take all of the dang plastic wrap off BEFORE you pack it.


Here’s the rest:Day 5

The Easter bunny came, success!! The girls hunted for eggs in the room and were delighted at everything in their baskets. Our friend we had met up with in Disney Springs had slipped a bunch of chocolate into my bag since I was unsure how it would have traveled in our luggage. Grandma and Grandpa had sent Easter cards with $25 inside, which worked out because these girls were basically broke again already. We had breakfast in the room and I snagged Flight of Passage and Kilimanjaro Safari. At this point, I was really worn out and didn’t have it in me to get them out the door early. I told them, if we get stuck in a line…oh well! We got an Uber to Animal Kingdom; I wasn’t feeling like riding the bus. Animal Kingdom is different from every other park, the details are so cool! We had so many great photopass photographers, including one that was really tickled by our daughter and her camera. The photographer took pictures of her taking pictures, it was cute! We made our way to KS, we had a 10am LL, so it wasn’t too hot yet and the animals were all out and active.

The lines for anything in Pandora were just getting worse and no LL was opening up for Navi River, so we got on line before it got any longer. We only waited in three actual lines the entire trip and this was one of them. We mostly ate snacks and hung out, it’s nice that there is a water filling station part way through. My daughter loved this ride! After Navi, we went to Flight of Passage, it lived up to the hype for me! My daughter held my hand the entire time, but she was super brave. Even my husband declared it to be fun AND cool. All was well, until I got stuck on the ride…the cast members couldn’t get my seatback to release. They kept pushing it in and squishing me while I thought, “well, if I must ride it again, then I must!” But eventually someone came and opened a panel and was able to get me out without squishing me.

We stopped for snacks, the only one I remember clearly is my husband’s pulled pork jelly donut sandwich, which sounds weird, but was actually not bad. After we had rested a bit in the shade, it was getting HOT that day, we walked over to Kali River Rapids for our LL. Yes, we were one of those families in ponchos, sorry, but I wasn’t in the mood to get soaked because…. As we were waiting on the line, I noticed that Expedition Everest, which had been offline for maintenance was suddenly back AND had LL availability. I grabbed it for myself and the 14-year-old and got LL for Feathered Friends in Flight for my husband and daughter. I did not want a wet behind on EE!

After KRR, our party split ways. I had no idea what to expect from Expedition Everest, I can tell you that I screamed and almost cried when we went backwards, the Yeti, the burst of cold air….it was all a surprise! Honestly, this was the only ride that left me a little shaky after, so we sat for a moment in front of the ride exit on some rocks. My niece and I walked over to Feathered Friends in Flight, we couldn’t get to the primo seats my husband and daughter were in, but we caught about 2/3 of the show from the back. We all loved this show, it’s so funny, cute, and educational. When we exited, my niece was entranced by a wonderful sitar player and then we did a little shopping (my daughter was officially out of money AND had managed to “borrow” 15 bucks from my husband….kids!) I got a 50thanniversary cinnamon bun and it wasn’t very good; it was dry like it had been out all day and the icing turned my lips blue (they can’t all be winners!) At this point, it was so unbearably hot and everything had such horrible wait times, we got out of there and went back to rest and swim in the pool.

Since we had Space 220 reservations for our Easter dinner, I browsed for LL’s that we hadn’t done yet in Epcot and got one for Soarin’. We got on the Skyliner and walked toward The Land. We got on Living with the Land since we had a little time, relaxing and informative! And then rode Soarin, it’s very cool and for some reason smells just like FoP, maybe that’s the Disney smell for being “outside” on immersive rides? As we walk outside, the skies open up and it is POURING rain, not again! We put in our ponchos and run to Space 220, I dropped my phone in the process, thank goodness my husband was behind me and noticed! We were all soaked by the time we got to Space 220 and we never really dried off, I understand people who pack extra socks or flip flops, squishy socks are not fun. The kids were absolutely floored by the whole experience at Space 220. I think the 8-year-old believed we might actually be in space; she was enchanted by everything. Even when the waitress offered her “space water”, she insisted it was the best water of her life and we must return to outer space to get more. The waitress gave the kids Space collectible cards, which was very nice of her. I appreciated the staff’s commitment to staying in character for the kids as well. I had a drink with astronaut ice cream in it, which is better in theory than execution. The drink was tasty, but the astronaut ice cream doesn’t do great getting wet. The 8-year-old loved her space-ghetti, I particularly enjoyed the buffalo cauliflower and my coconut panna cotta dessert. The teen had a VERY strong reaction to her “moon rock” drink, I’ve never seen her act like that after sugar, it was like she buzzing for the rest of the night. She would randomly say things like, “I think my eyesight got better!” and “I can TASTE colors!”. Since our reservation was at 8pm, there were very few folks left inside by the time we were done. The kids had the run of the place and we took lots of great photos with a very cool space background. It was still raining when we left, so no Skyliner, and the Uber upcharge was so awful we slogged it back on the bus…it was so slow and we got home wet, late, and a bit cranky.

Day 6

I was up early for another Rise and Smugglers Run LL, I needed redemption after the whining of my child during our first attempt. We almost missed our Droid Depot appointment because the teen lost an earring and obsessed over that instead of getting ready. But we made it and it was so cool! The girls made BB units and I made an R2. I was grateful for the small area that allowed the kids to test theirs out. It was full of BB units that the children could hardly control, the heads kept popping off when the crashed into each other. I took out my R2 and did donuts around all of the kids until my daughter asked to use it and we swapped. The R2 is definitely easier to control, the BB style takes a little practice. I was having little success getting a photo of the girls with the Stormtroopers that patrol above that area because people kept walking into the shot. One of the Stormtroopers called us over and gave us “orders” until we were in the perfect spot to take a photo directly underneath him, I guess those Empire guys aren’t all bad!

We wanted coffee and were having little luck locating it, so we decided to walk back to Joffery’s by the Tower of Terror. On our way over, we caught the Pixar parade, very exciting for my daughter because she wearing a Jessie shirt and Jessie gave her a high-five. After grabbing coffee and snacks, we sent the kids on Minnie and Mickey again and then we used our LL on Star Tours. It was the unexpected hit with the entire family! We walked around for a bit until our Oga’s reservation. The standing table worked for me because I had a good view of everything in the room. We got the Bits and drinks, my Bespin Fizz was great, I felt like I was living out my childhood dreams all day! We had packed a lunch, so we found some shade and ate. Took photos with Chewbacca under the Millennium Falcon while my daughter shouted, “MY MOMMY IS A BIG FAN!” and then we rode Smugglers Run. Ugh, I loved it so much! I hit me right in the childhood with nostalgia. I would have rode it again and again, I felt like I could have gotten a better score after understanding how it worked. Our second time through ROTR was awesome, especially since I forced my kiddo to eat, drink, and go to the bathroom first. Learn from me parents, if you pay for ILL, set yourself up for success by taking care of all basic human needs first.

We rode the Friendship Boat for our Beaches and Cream reservation. The grilled cheese and soup were a huge hit and, of course, the ice cream! We did not get a Kitchen Sink, but had a great time yelling, “A WHOLE can?!” every time another table did. After that we went back to the hotel for laundry and packing while my husband watching his “stories” aka WWE Monday Night RAW.

Day 7

Breakfast, finished packing, and stored Luggage at Pop before taking the bus to MK. We did not understand where to walk to get to the Contemporary…it’s not toward the hotel like you would think! We had to walk past the boats, past the gates, and loop around to get on either a monorail or a walkway. I voted monorail since I’ve never been on and I’m fascinated by it. For most of our trip, character interactions were restricted, but not today! We saw Pluto, Goofy, Donald, Minnie, and Mickey. The kids finally got to bust out their autograph books and hug their favorites. The family style breakfast at Chef Mickey’s was tasty and my husband was relieved to FINALLY be at the last of our meal reservations ($$$) What can I say? I love food! After breakfast, we did the monorail around the loop just for funsies.

The girls were hoping to see Cinderella’s step-sisters, but no luck, maybe next time! We met Princess Ariel and Rapunzel and then caught a parade on our way over to our Splash Mountain LL. Everyone loved Splash, well my 8-year-old kind of tolerated it and did not appreciate her wet backside after.

We walked over to Adventureland and got delicious dole whip floats and some kind of coconut ice cream treat. The 8-year-old wanted a Mickey ice cream sandwich and we kind of hung out on a front porch out of the sun in Liberty Square. My niece was holding out for a LeFou’s Brew, so we promised to make our way over to Gaston’s Tavern. First, we hit up Haunted Mansion, but was a little early for our LL. We wandered the gift shop and the girls did a little pin trading until our window opened up. After we tapped in, I got a LL for Little Mermaid. Now, I LOVE Haunted Mansion, it is one of my very clear memories from my first trip when I was 13, my daughter had her eyes shut until the very last moment. I was glad we got on when we did because HM was out of order almost as soon as we were done. Space Mountain was offline all day too, much to my niece’s dismay.

We made our way to Gaston’s Tavern; I regret not buying a gigantic cinnamon roll from there, but I was still full from my ice cream. We had a great time posing in Gaston’s chair and taking photos. My daughter was dying to meet Cinderella, lines were so bad for every ride and meet and greet at this point, and our teen was kind of over princesses, so we split the party up. I took the younger one to wait in the ridiculous line for Cinderella (the third and final line of the trip: Tower of Terror, Navi, and Cinderella.) The husband and 14-year-old wound up at It’s a Small World, I’m surprised that was what she chose, but it IS a classic. I was honestly loving our relaxed pace for the first time! We had options, no rushing around, no lunch reservations. After we were all done with our separate adventures, we met up at Little Mermaid for our last ride of the day. I actually got to sit next to my husband, it felt like a date and I always loved Princess Ariel. After our last ride, we got our photos taken again by the castle, and made our way to the bus.

While on the bus, I placed a food order at Everything POP so that it would be ready by the time we arrived. As I was entering the order, I received a push message from Disney saying that masks are no longer required on transportation. I watched as some people pulled theirs off and others didn’t. I kind of wished I had gotten the notification at a different time so I could think about it and be ready, rather than be literally on a bus when I found out. We ate one last time at POP and then had a private ride to the airport, since no one else was headed our way, and the bus driver put on Peter Pan. Our flight was supposed to leave at 8:30, but was delayed, we finally got in close to midnight and after grabbing our bag and taking a car service, it was 1am when we got home.

My poor niece was shook awake by me at 4:45 a.m. because she had school (and track practice, yikes!) I had promised my brother I’d get her back by 6, but it was more like 6:30 because…teenagers. I drove home in a haze and climbed back into bed. Bless my husband for keeping the 8-year-old away so I could get a little rest in. He had work that day, but I was off, so I took it easy and eventually unpacked. I realized my niece left a few souvenir’s in our bags, so I packed them up and shipped them to her house and that was the true ending to the trip.

8-year old’s favorites:
Best Ride: Minnie and Mickey’s Runaway Railway
Food: Chef Mickey, SciFi, Space 220

14-year old’s favorites:
Best Ride: Tower of Terror
Food: Be Our Guest, Space 220, Beaches and Cream

Mom’s favorites:
Best Ride: Smuggler’s Run
Food: Be Our Guest, Storybook Dining

Dad’s Favorites:
Best Ride: Flight of Passage
Food: Be Our Guest, Space 220

I wish we could have stuck with our original 10-day itinerary, that last day where we weren’t rushing around felt soooo good, but with only our 6 park days (and not all of them were full days) things got a little more scheduled than I would normally enjoy. Truthfully, I don’t think my niece will have the opportunity to go back and I really wanted to make sure she did everything she wanted to do. Would I pack my days like this ever again? No. Do I regret it? Heck no! It was worth every bit of missed sleep to make it happen for these kids.

This wound up being very long, but maybe it will help someone visualize their plans, thank you everyone, couldn’t have planned this trip without you all!


Wow! This is an amazing Trip Report! I am glad to hear that the crowds weren’t as bad as you expected! Thanks for this!


I enjoyed your trip report! Your gratitude experience, appreciation for the parks, and your good nature seems to come through in your writing. You had rain, lots of rain, and you made it work anyway. Trip goals! :grin:

My favorite part was the comparison you made about having studied for a test that no longer existed. I definitely understand that feeling!!


Thank you for sharing! This is such a well written detailed trip report and gives me ideas for future trips.


I am glad it was helpful! I had way more fun writing this than actually getting any work done today :grin:

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Loved your report! Glad you guys finally had a fun trip. Well done with the planning and kid wrangling lol.

This was such a great trip report! I loved reading and I’m so glad you all had such a great trip (in spite of a few hiccups and the weather).
(and I still think about that Buffalo Cauliflower from Space 220 - so delicious)

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Thank you, it was a wonderful time! Yes, that cauliflower is sooooo good! I could try to make it at home I suppose, but everything is better in space (including the water!)


I think that blue cheese dust was the best part…I’m not making blue cheese dust at home :rofl:
Ah yes, the delicious space water…so fun that your daughter bought into the whole experience! Also, your niece’s sugar buzz made me laugh out loud.

I was both concerned and amused by it! She brought it up the next day and informed me, “Oh, I guess my eyesight didn’t get better, because I can’t read the bus sign from here” :joy: What was in that thing??


Thank you for writing! We also got caught in that Easter thunderstorm at Epcot. Thankfully that was our first night & the rest of the week was beautiful. You may have inspired me to post my trip report!

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Yes! Write it!! That storm was pretty wild, Im glad you had good weather the rest of your trip!

2nd that–please write it!

It was mostly written but I didn’t post it. I finalized it and posted it - Thanks!


HAHA! I hadn’t paid attention to your trip dates in the title… I was reading along, and got to the thunderstorm on Day 2, and immediately realized it was the same one we experienced! We popped out of Small World 5 minutes into the Firestorm / Thunderworks extravaganza; we managed to take some insane videos from the exit before wading over to Little Mermaid to avoid hustling through crowds back to Main Street. Sorry you got caught in the open hub AND had to get your ornament!

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Oh, and my savvy 11-year-old had us book a Barnstormer LL while waiting in the rain for our POP bus, so we also got the anytime pass for the next day!


It was a pretty wild storm!

I felt like I accidentally cracked some kind of LL code! Your 11 year old is way sharp to think of it!!

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