Applying To Disney

I’ve been such a really big fan of Disney that I actually want to start sharing my love for it to other people and by working there.

I’m interested in applying in their administrative openings, but I know that Disney is one of those companies that use a document-scanning technology. I was wondering if anyone of you has tried applying or has worked with their HR before. I’d like to make it past screening, and I hope you guys could help me out in with the do’s and dont’s of the resume.

I would be interested for a distant future. I know @pod4christ works at Epcot. Maybe he can say. But you never know with that famous disney rule book what may or may not be shared.

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Thanks @Jedilogray! I look forward to @pod4christ’s tips.

Hi! Sorry for the late response. I really don’t have any tips about the resume. Just be honest. There’s a series of questions you answer online before being granted an interview. Don’t try to figure out what they’re looking for and just answer honestly. I wish I had more insight for you. Hope it works out!